Somersalts in the womb !!

Hi everyone

So, i dont want to seem as if im moaning about this as im happy with the activity of movement from her but, im approaching 25 wks pregnant & id say almost every evening ( starting from about 6pm) the baby seems to be doing some acrobatic somersalts in the womb.

The baby seems to have a period of experiment 1st then takes a nap for about 45mins to then start again :-)

As i said i dont want to seem as if im moaning but it does become rather un- comfortable when im ready to go to bed.

The fact that this is also my 2nd pregnancy im sure i dont remember this sort of motion "at least this early on"

I also recall reading somewhere that "baby girl's" are meant to be less active whilst in the womb.

Is anyone else going through a simular thing who could tell me if its normal & what did you do to try & calm the baby down.


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Hi hun.i'm afraid its not gonna get any baby girl seems more active than when i was pregnant with my son.she started all acrobatics from week 18-19, but it was nice and gentle then.but as pregnancy progressed sometimes the kicks and movements made me swear lol.and her routine was the same like you baby's.mainly in the evenings when i was ready to go its even in a day (sometimes i dont even get 2hours break) but then i'm nearly ready for her arrival xx i'm sorry if i wasnt much help but i think its perfectly normal and i have no idea how to calm baby down xx i think its a good sign :)


Thanks for your reply

Just like you said i guess its a good sign.

I have been hoping she wont be as stubborn as my son when its time for her to be born



I'm 30+3 and my little one has been very active for a while now. It's getting to the stage where some of the movements make me feel a little sick as space grows shorter. Sometimes I get sore patches for a day or so from the internal battering!

I remember something similar with my previous pregnancy and can still recall the somersaults she was doing when I was in labour!

Not sure there's much you can do to quieten them down, but I talk and sometimes sing to my little one. I also get quite a nice gentle response when I rub my bump which is quite different to the other kicks and movements :-)

I find i quite reassuring in a way and evidence that my baby is growing healthy and strong.


Thanks Dozymum

Its true that if i start to sing, she seems to stop the somersalts for a bit listening to what im singing, but after the hours of midnight & so on my humour for singing usually goes out of the door LOL!!



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