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Can any one encourage me

Hi all, U have heard from me in a while as i am just all over the place. been admitted in the hospital for the 2 time in 1 month and not sure if i am gonna go home any time soon. let me take a step back. On the 21 of June i had my 20 weeks scan every thing was ok but it showed that my placenta was low. so was due to be re scanned at 32 weeks to check that all is well. i have been spotting on and off from then but was not worried as this was present with all my children (3) any way on the 18 July the ward decided to admit me i was set home on friday with injection and followup appointments and a mouth full from my consultant that if i so much as see any sign of blood of blood i should return to the ward. This did not take long i had a good nights rest in my bed friday night and saturday night, got up sunday morning and started to bleed again. so was readmitted again. I had a scan done and this shows that placenta is os. I am typing this message from my hospital bed as i am still here in one of the worst hospitals in the country where they are under staff and over worked and they say its in mine and babies interest to stay here. I understand my case i do know that things can turn in the blink of an eye. but how do i cope with all this. My family dont support me cause they dont like my partner, my partner works all the way in bristol thank God he has decided to resign his job to be home for us but its just 1 thing after another. sorry for the yapping but just want some encouragement

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Dear Melissa hang in there. You are going through a very difficult situation. Dealing with the uncertainty of bleeding is super stressful. Also no one likes being in a hospital even if it is a brand new one and runs like clockwork. But as you say this is the best thing to do for the baby.

I know it is really tough but please think of the positives in this situation. You clearly have a very caring partner who is there to support you. This is a treasure! Pregnancy is a challenging time even when it is low risk with all the hormonal ups and downs, so emotional support is perhaps the most important thing to have. Unfortunately not all women have it. Secondly your consultant seems to really care, take your situation seriously and do the best he can with the resources available. Again this is another treasure! I don't want to go into the horror stories of friends who experienced medical neglect but I am sure you can imagine having responsible medical care is far more important than having a hospital with enough resources. Because these overworked people will really help you if there is a need despite being under staffed because they are responsible.

Last but not least, do you have any friends nearby? Even to just chat over the phone and offer you much needed support? What about NCT members in your area? I know this may be a long shot but is there any possibility of reconciliation with the family? They might change attitude once they realise the difficult situation you are in.

In the meantime the most important thing is to remain positive and calm. Our thoughts are with you.


Oh no!

Just like the comment made from "babymummy" said, try to be strong & hang on for as long as you can. the worse thing to do right now would be to be stressed about the environment you're in & the treatment your receiving.

The best thing surely to come out of this is that you're being monitored in hospital & hopefully the baby wont be too affected by any long term complications.

My thoughts are also with you

Take care



Oh no what a nightmare...but u gotta hang in there...can they not give you ur own room? Try speaking to someone...I was kept in a week before I had an emergency section with my second child and just got on with things and acted like I was at home...helped myself to everything as waiting for anyone to do anything well I'd still prob be waiting lol...u can take yourself off to the hosp shops or go to the cafe there and have a cup of tea read the paper just to break the monotony of being in there all the time...I had shops over the rd from the hosp so popped over there for bits and pieces...and just go and sit outside in the sun...just trying to ink of things to help pass the time for you bless you...but your in the best place if there is an emergency as crap as it is x


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