Anybody felt they have had a useless midwife appointment?

I am 30 weeks pregnant and went to see my local midwife today. She had a student with her. Found a trace in my sample which is the first time that has ever happened, student also checked my blood pressure but reading was way low! Then when she measured my bump it put my little one way over the top line. I only went to hospital a week ago for a scan and see doctor and all was perfectly normal. Anybody else ever come out wishing they hadn't gone in? xx


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  • Hey,

    I've not had quite the same situation but I have definitely despaired at my midwife appointments at times. I've recently moved out of London, but before I moved I never saw the same midwife, they lost my booking blood results twice and I am now almost 34 weeks and awaiting the results from my new midwife (21 weeks late!) And got cancelled on half hour before my appointment after I had already left work to travel across London to get there. I also had students each time, one of which seemed massively concerned about the babies heartbeat...but couldn't explain why. Then realised it was my heartbeat she was listening to! Also, they asked me to inform them of any swelling or any issues. When i did inform them of anything i was just told "well you're pregnant, these things happen". At times I actually felt like I'd be better off not going to the appointments and waiting until I had moved!!

    My new midwife seems to be so much better now and I've only lived here 6 weeks and tomorrow will be the fourth time I've seen her....more than I'd seen a midwife at all in my old town.

  • HI, thanks for the reply. Sounds like you've had a right time of it, like you need any more things to organise when you're pregnant lol.. I'm glad you're sorted and have a good midwife now x

  • Well it was irritating but I've been very lucky with my pregnancy going smoothly so shouldn't moan really! I hope you have better luck in your next appointment :-)

  • This was me - every time I went...up until last week in my pregnancy when midwife was fantastic & after birth with baby. If you are concerned about anything that was picked up & don't have to go again for another few weeks...ring up / make another appt next week!

    I used to come out so frustrated that she'd never have done All the checks as listed in book / web & as a 1st timer, she'd talk to me like i should know everything that was going to happen. I used to write lists of q's as to not forget too! At the end of the day, if your concerned - ask..that's what she's there for & you have the perfect excuse - just blame hormones.

  • lol.. thanks for the advice

  • Hi hun.i've always had problems with my mw.first one seemed not borhered what was happening with me.i had a laparoscopy at 7weeks to exclude cornual ectopic pregnancy,then after i had many bleedings every couple of weeks.i could never contact her as she is on part time.but when she written in my book that i had a ecoli and antibiotics for it (which i never) i thought enough is enough.i was so stressed out about the pregnancy being high risk that i didnt need any more stress.thanks to my consultant and head of midwives i got new midwife.i've seen her three times only.on my last appointement (26june) she asked to book a visit with her in 2weeks time.but the surgery wouldnt let me as she was fully booked till august(i am due then).so what was i suspose to do?i rang my mw and she promised to sqeeze me in as need to see her every 2weeks.she never contacted me!i got a text instead from the surgery that i have my old midwife back!it was such a joke!i rang NHS with complain and they were so helpful.i shouldnt be given someone who i complained now i've been seeing head of midwives and she seems so lovely like every midwife understanding,helpful,she rings me and listens.i wish every mw had so much passion for this job!if you not happy hun you have a right to change yours.i dont need any more appointements as my consultant taking over.hope you get it sorted xx

  • Sounds like you have really been through the ringer. I know what you mean, I am also classed as a higher risk, and anything else to worry about is just so hard. I hope all goes well with you xx

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