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My boyfriend smells

That sounds a horrid thing to say doesn't it. Just thought for any body in early pregnancy if you think your putting your boyfriend off you by being ill at inappropriate moments, well this might help. the heat seems to have hit me like a train, all the sickness I had hoped was going away has come back with a vengeance, as has the sensitivity.

Bless him, he does most the cooking at the moment as anything with a strong smell can make me ill, empties the bins etc, one day even went out and came back with cleaning and bathroom products that had less smell all in attempts to make me feel better. Yet last night I still found my self once more making friends with the loo. Why? Because he smells!! Not bad, not unwashed, no different at all to the way he normally does, which used to be comforting, just something in me at the minutes changed and every time he comes to close the last couple of days I have to visit the loo. Poor man. There is nothing he can do either. when he gets home from work he goes straight in the shower even though he works in an office, and before he goes to bed and when he gets up all for me, and I repay him by being ill! Not too long now though and hopefully will have some better medication soon so all in all should get better. So if your in your first few weeks and it feels an embarrassing inappropriate moment to be ill don't worry your partner doesn't mind, in fact they'll be more focused on how they can help, even if there isn't a lot they can do! x

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im 33 weeks and still hate smells. certain washing powders i cant stand. i bought one for my mum to use as i cant stand the smell of hers. iive got Hyperemesis so ive been severely sick throughout the pregnancy. cant wait for it to be over now. i just hope that i can have that cup of tea that im missing. as coffees and teas and then milk smells also make me sick x


Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I feel like a bloodhound with my sense of smell! I honestly opened the cutlery drawer the other day and the smell of metal knocked me sick! My poor husband can't do anything right either; I'm either repulsed by his gym kit (which is in the other room) or I'm complaining that I thing his shower gel is too strong. Poor guy. x


Bless you chaps. My superhuman pregnancy nose seems to have backed off now, but my poor bloke has to brush his teeth about every twenty minutes. I had to change shower gels and stopped going to restaurants cos of the potential for cheeses and squid. Exhaust fumes and cigarettes made me throw up in the street (twice). Seems to have improved in third trimester - I hope yours does too!


sorry i noticed this was written over a week ago but just having a catch up on posts as today is the first day ive been able to get back on since the update.

this happened in early pregnancy to me and came back over the weekend while my boyfriend was home fromt he army. I have noticed my boyfriends breath smells and tastes (when kissing him) like metal, it doesnt knock me sick but its not plesent, i told my friend about it in early pregnancy and she said oh yeah you do get a metally taste when pregnant, although i took this with a pinch of salt as im sure she got it confused with the fact that i should taste it in my own mouth.

I asked the OH what he eats and drinks during the week and for a few weeks we put it down to energy drinks that he drinks but someone mentioned red meat, i have only ever eaten chicken nut apparently throughout the week he has a variety of meats. It came back with a vengence on friday afternoon when he got home but since i didnt cook any over the weekend it was back to normal on Sunday. I have also noticed it on other people when talking to them

x x x


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