Can anyone explain to me what braxton hicks feel like?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant with twins and just wondering what they feel like when they come on. For the past few days or so I have been getting more and more of what I think could be them but I'm not completely sure...... My tummy starts to expand slowly ( like someone is pumping me up like a balloon ) then it stops getting bigger and it's solid like a rock for around 30 seconds to a minute at a time. I have had three of these episodes in the past hour this morning!! No pain at all just feels really weird at the time.

Thanks xxxx

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  • Hey :-) I've been getting Braxton hicks since 20 weeks and for me it started as the lower half of my bump feeling I'm contracting the muscles purposely, yet I'm not doing anything. For the last month 6 weeks though it's been my entire bump tightening....a bit like if you get in a really hot bath. All painless though :D

  • Yeah it's strange how you don't realise how clever your body is sometimes pregnancy is a funny thing xx

  • They sound like Braxton hicks to me! They can vary from person to person but mine were just as you have described rock hard belly and towards the end a twinge lower down in my abdomen occasionally! X

  • Thanks its such a weird feeling when it happens you feel like your tummy is going to pop haha all for a good cause xx

  • hey,me too I started feeling my lower half of my bump tight l,solid like a rock just for a few seconds , this happened to me yesterday, I think this is braxton hicks, I don't know because this is my first pregnancy.

  • Haha yeah it's mine too how are you supposed to know if know body tells you!! I've been having this on and off for weeks but now they are getting very regular as I get nearer. I spoke to my midwife this afternoon and she said that it is braxton hicks. I always put it down to having two babies lying in funny places but now I have noticed that I can't even feel babies when my tummy tightens that much so the penny dropped lol. Hope you are ok x

  • Hi Kaz, I concur to the above, didn't get a chance to PM you back as got to work. I had them about 6 weeks back for s short period but nothing really since. Tummy would go rock hard about 30 secs then relax, all totally painless. Xx

  • Hiya, it's ok :)

    I've had them for ages but too thick to realize what they were lol!! I've had loads and loads of them today, none have Hurt either like. Xxx

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