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Nursing bra- which one?


am 38 weeks pregnant and want to buy nursing bra. I need advice which one is good? Any recommended?

Need support for my bust and nice look. I don't want cotton, non-wired, non-padded bra like for nan;P

Will u help me? ;)

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I had to give up on breastfeeding when my baby refused to latch on, but I continued to wear my M&S nursing bras for months afterward because they were just that comfortable. I'm guessing they do more than one model, but the ones I got are padded and have a sort of softish pseudo-underwire in them. Real underwire is a no-no when nursing because it can get painful as your breasts change, and supposedly could also cause blocked milk ducts, though I'm not sure how much of a risk of that there genuinely is. However, with the padding and pretend underwire these felt and looked like my usual bras under clothes. And, not that I ended up having a use for the main feature, but the cups are very easy to undo and do up--just a little clip at the top that with a bit of practice you can operate one-handed.


Yes, Just like "carren" mentioned in her comment/ answer M&S sell good & comfortable nursing bras at a affordable / reasonable price (In my view) as I love a bargain

Try and get the bra's with the detachable clip (Usuallly at the top front of the nursing bra) as once your Lil' one arrives it's quick & easy to release your breast from it.

I've actually bought a pack of two nursing bras from the "Mothercare" website as I think its just as important to stay comfortable during those important night feeds as it is to be comfortable throughout the day.



On M&S web site they got more nursing bras:


Could you tell me please, which one you had? Thanks!


Not sure--probably either top left or middle left. But do try before you buy if you can--everyone's boobies are different...


Debenhams do some nice nursing bras and they do them in a twin pack. I ever ended up using mine as my little one didn't feed properly. Gonna dig them out for this one though and give it a shot.


I ended up with cuts on my back off marks and spencer bras because the edges were so rough. Bought a debenhams padded t-shirt one which is really comfortable but gives me blockages because it does not allow for expansion over the course of the day. Ended up buying 2 bravado silk ones from a site called nursing bra shop (great site, fast delivery, easy returns, lots of products) which are brilliant. Very comfortable, don't have strict cup/band sizes so they allow for the change in size over the day and I haven't had blockages as a result of these. They're more expensive but definitely worth it. I've fed my LO for 6 months now.


Definitely get yourself measured before buying - your boobs will go crazy when your milk comes in and a properly fitting bra is a must.

I agree with the m&s and debenhams fans, but if you are after something really pretty take a look at Lorna Drew - she does some beautiful things but they are a bit pricey.



Current advice is that under wired is OK as long as fits so as long as you are comfortable monitoring the fit daily or even more regularly initially should be OK. I am 40 + 11 tonight_ induction tomorrow if these contractions go away!! So am not sure what it will be like when milk comes in but just got a really comfy panache one. I would recommend Johm Lewis bravissimo and in dependants for knowing how to fit. At your stage you need it firm in back as your riib cage likely to be expanded with pregnancy but with space in cup for your milk to come in.


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