Feeling sick and fed up

I'm just feeling a bit fed up ATM, still don't know how many weeks I am, seen the midwife she said we'l put down 8weeks so ul hear about ur scan in about 3weeks, that was last week so still got another 2 to go! Plus Im feeling constantly sick, everytime I eat it feels worse, I'm trying to snack on dry foods but it not really helping. And to finish off I've never felt more tired in my life, I can sleep from 8pm till 8am when I have to get up for work and even then I still feel tired.

Any idea how long this will all last, just wanna feel good for a change.

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This is all pretty normal although that isn't much help to you. My tiredness stopped at abt 13 weeks but has kicked back in now I'm 26 weeks & my morning sickness stopped at 16 weeks but comes back when I'm tired or travelling. Trust me I know it gets you down but it will be worth it when you see your baby & get to hold it for the first time. Good luck


Ah, hun, i remember it well!

I suffered with morning sickness from 6.5 til 13weeks. Everyone assured me it would get better but when your the one suffering you don't believe it. I even had a crying fit to my husband sobbing 'if it's like this for 9 month I can't do it!!'

I'm happy to say that for me at least it did get better. Think I'm one of the lucky ones who is now officially 'blooming'

I'm 21+3 and feel amazing!

I hope it gets better for you soon, you'll feel so much better when you see baby for the first time in 2 weeks. There's nothing quite like that feeling.

Good luck and chin up xXx


Get over the 12week stage and u will feel better the first12 weeks are the worst u actually feel really ill like u have a virus or something is hard work but just go with the flow Eat when u can sleep when u can. ..just keep getting thru it. ..I know it's hard but u will feel better x


Thank u all for your support, hopefully another couple of weeks and it will ease off then. I'll try and stay positive just another 3 weeks of this seems unbareable :(

That's probably the best way any one has described it, it is like getting a virus, you just feel

Run down, no energy and tired, and just don't wanna eat coz makes u feel ill. Xx


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