13weeks, and aching as if I'm 30weeks!

Hi all!! Had my dating scan yesterday all went well and I'm due begging of jan! Such a relief after 3 misscariages. I've now got back ache pretty much all the time and a dull ache all over my tummy area, is this normal?? I'm going to drive my self crazy for the next 27weeks with thinking something is wrong :/ anyone been in a similar position? Thanks :)

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First of all congratulations!

Think both are pretty normal I'm afraid. Didn't have back ache but it depends how far back your uterus sits I think.

The dull period pain is all good, it's just your body limbering up for some serious stretching and placenta building! I also had the strangest feeling like I was looser, and my hips were going to pop out when I ran!



The best advise i could give you would to be take it easy if possible & try not to over-work yourself.

I cant imagine it could be any more severe than your muscles stretching to make way for the baby.


Congratulations. Just wanted to comment on the worrying part. I had 2 miscarriages and 1 ectopic before having my daughter so I completely know where you're coming from. It gets easier as your bump gets bigger and I found the hospital staff very reassuring when I thought there was a problem. Just think, this one has made it further than the others and it's going to make it the whole way. Roll on January for you. :) X


Congratulations! :) In relation 2 the pain sounds like what I experiencedin early pregnancy I had realy severe period like pains that spread from front to back I was really worried and went to my midwife who said completley normal! I'm now 27 weeks and all going well still get the same pains every now and again just now iv got.kicking to go with themwhich however painfull is actually quite reassuring just rest as much as u can in relation to worry think that's completely normal to I worry all the time and have my poor midwife on speed dial :) will all b worth it thou once we have are little ones here! Good luck for Jan! :)


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