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Bump is kicking at 17 weeks!!


Hello lovely ladies and bumps! Well well I was sitting on the sofa this weekend and suddenly felt a kick... Wasn't sure if it was a kick so asked partner to feel and he felt it to! Still wasn't sure so put it down to possible wind!! But no same today!! Definitely kicking! I thought 17 weeks would be to early for bump to be kicking! It is the most incredible feeling ever and every time they kick it reduces me to absolute tears! I've never been so happy in my life and I just can't wait to meet bump! It has made it feel all so much more real and due to having m/c last year it's all so much more precious! I really feel so lucky for all I have. Have my scan in 3 weeks as well! Quite scary how fast it is going! Feels like yesterday I found out I was pregnant! When did everyone else feel their bumps kicking?

Hope everyone is well :) xx

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Ah is a lovely feeling isn't it. ...I felt flutters at around 16 weeks but more def kicks after18... is a great feeling and so reassuring lovely u get to see ur littleone again soon xx

About 17 weeks (first baby). Now 35, and Flump does not stop!!!

Woo hoo, baby kicks are the best! Well, I can say that cos I'm only 20+2, so they are still nice and gentle and manageable. I might not be saying that at 30+ weeks ;)

I started feeling at 17 weeks too. I thought It was too early but no, I trust my body and it definitely was. I'm now feeling Noodle everyday and it's amazing and so reassuring.

Good luck with your scan, you will love it. So much more detailed than 12 week,


Congratulations! That's just brilliant that you are getting kicks at 17 weeks. I'm 18 weeks and just had the odd tiny karate kick the last few days or so - it's really exciting! I think it really varies, and depends on where your uterus is and on your shape too. Hols_13 is so right, though, it is incredibly reassuring, so I think we're very lucky to be getting kicked so early on!

I didn't realise your partner could feel it too, I might give that a go! I thought he'd think I was a bit mental...


aah thats so cool. I'm 18 weeks + 6 and not felt a thing and getting very impatient. I've managed to tell myself it's because i'm soooooo fat!!! and i couldn't possibly feel anything through all that padding! i'm really hoping to feel something soon. Sounds amazing. I've got 20 week scan next Thursday and am more than a little nervous about it. Hoping to see some movement even if i can't feel anything yet. :(


Hey sweetie! Yep, around 17/18 for me and now i'm nearly 21 weeks and it's every day and very noticable just looking at my bump! Check our my last blog....

I love it and it makes me feel amazing.... I totally concur with your comments about how it's made you feel, as thats excatly how it made me feel! Good luck for the remainder of your pregnancy, i'm sure it's going to be magical all the way x

I'm 20weeks tomorrow and still nothing, feelin impatient!!

I'm 21+1 and still havent felt anything - roll on my scan next week!

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