13 weeks pregnant, should I still be taking Pregnacare with 400mg Folic Acid?

I had read on many websites to take Folic Acid till 12 weeks of pregnancy. I am not sure how true is that as on the pregnacare tablets they say 'through all of pregnancy' and it has 400mg Folic Acid. I had blood test two weeks ago and my Hb was 10.6, the doctor prescribed 250mg Iron. I have not started taking it yet as Pregnacare already has 17mg iron in it. Can someone please guide me on this? How much iron in mg is required per day for a low Hb count? Can I take Pregnacare Original till the end of the pregnancy? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I believe Pregnacare tablets are already combined with most of the vitamins,iron & folic acid requirements needed for a pregnant woman so they're would be no need to take other supplements to top up.

    Ive just started taking "pregnacare original" at 19+wks as I was feeling as if my iron levels could be running a Lil low, But I'm also trying to eat healthy "between meals" with portions of fruit & salads.

  • Hiya, I took the folic acid tablets until I finished the tub. Didn't want to just leave them in the cupboard but that is just me with my strange habits.

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences. Currently I am just sticking to Pregnacare, I eat 4-5 different kinds of fruits each day, no salad and my meat/ poultry intake is very low. Can you guys suggest a proper diet plan for a slightly anaemic person like me? I can't tolerate dairy products either :( does it has any bad effects on the baby at this stage?

  • hiya i took pregnacare plus tablets until a few days ago.. im 40 weeks today :) I dont eat a lot of meat and no fish at all so the midwife advised me to take the plus ones as you get extra vitamins in them.. i eat a lot of fruit and veg tho :) they are a bit more expensive when you have to buy them once a month, but worth it xx

  • My MW advised to take during the whole pregnancy in particular for the Vit D that alot of babies are lacking. I think does mum no harm either, I don't eat red meats & it was good to know that at my last bloods 28wks my iron levels fine & I am not anaemic x

  • i took pregnacare tablets all the way through.my.pregnancy and it was prescribed by the consultant at the hospital. When i reached 34 weeks my iron count was 9.5 but i cant remember the dose i was given. i would ask your.midwife or Dr just to be on the safe side

  • My midwife advised taking supplements all the way through. If you're low on iron try broccoli, spinach etc. if you go on the NHS website I'm sure it gives you healthy eating tips too :)

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