Hopefully a little peek 2mora!

After finding out at 12 weeks that I had a tilted womb and getting a pessary ring put in the keep it in place, I am so glad to FINALLY be getting it removed 2mora, and hopefully to be told its doing its job! Im 18 wks 5 days 2moz so im also hope he'll do a sneaky little scan as it feels like so long since ive got to see anything, and as I am yet to feel anything, itll put my mind at rest.....roll on 24 hours....!!

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I remember your post so glad everything has worked well for you, good luck today hope you get a sneaky peak but if not not long till your 20 weeks scan and you get to watch the more detailed features of your little baba. X


Good luck bet you cant wait.


thanks girls! ring out, uncomfortable but over in a few seconds and thankfully it has kept womb in place so worth it! also got to see baba for a minute, little arm going up and down!! enough to keep me going until 2nd july for nxt scan!!


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