38+4 update

So I have booked my weekly appointments two left to see the doctor until I'm 40 weeks and DD. yay. 25th June I'm booked for a sweep so I'm hoping that works a treat like it did for my second. Got another appointment this Wednesday but probably just usual check urine blood pressure etc.

Been having Toni Braxton's on and off over the week, yesterday after being none stop washing ironing and making dinner they where pretty intense last night, so I had a radox muscle soak bath and was relieved by the heat and aromatherapy. :-)

My hips have been giving me gip, this last week too things are defiantly going on down there in the south.

Mustered up the courage and energy for sex which hasn't been at the forefront of my mind recently ... And to no avail did nothing except make my hips worse!

I have been nesting I think i.e. making sure everything is washed ironed put away floors Cleaned etc. I even unpacked and re organised my baby bag lol mad women.

Tiredness is getting better, so long as I consume enough watering the day, I don't need to drink at night. which normally results in waking 6-7 times a night to use the loo. Heartburn came back for 24 hrs think my baby is mischievous and engaged slight.y then decided against it:-)

Hope your all enjoying pregnancies so many of you have had your babies or are waiting in these final weeks like me for some kind of hope. Wishing you all the best.... Race you. :-) I'm trying to keep updated with you all and replying to questions blogs etc i hope the ladies who have recently found out they are expecting continue to blog throughout and enjoy this online community as much as I and others have in the last 9 months xxx


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  • Aww not long at all! Were either of yr older children early? I had my first and second a week early then my third made us wait; he was 3days late and the littlest! Heres to hoping all these braxtons are doing something and the sweep sets you off! I was told third babies are unpredictable and I found that to be the case after to long labours my littlest man was born after an hour and half. Good luck and best wishes to you and yr family and I look forward to reading yr news when little one decides to come :-) xx

  • Hi my other two where 42 weeks by induction labour 8am to 12midnight and 41+1 by sweep labour lasted 8 hours 4 of which i coped at home. the doctor keeps telling me to as soon as it starts make sure I don't wait just get here , I'm hoping that my imminent arrival waits and when I have a sweep it works like magic :-) lol

  • I hope so too! So yr babies like to make you wait! Hopefully this little one will surprise you and arrive early :-) how old are yr other babies? Ive got four yr old girl two yr old boy and 4 wk old :-D they both love 'helping' lol xx

  • this pregnancy was planned so im certain of dates my otyer two were suprises :-) the kids are 6 1/2 and 5 come september. their teachers tell me they are very ecxited about mummy having a baby. oh i hope so... 4 weeks old girl im led yo believe from your username how is it having three ? everyone says two fine 3 nightmard hut im thinking my other two where 20months apart that was heavy going this time a five yeat gap got to be easier when other two are at school x

  • Aww I bet they will absolutely love having little on to munch :-) I was told having three was hard work but to be honest ive not found it difficult. There are times when i think ahhhh! But I've been blessed with a very chilled baby boy so that helps lol. We've not been late for school so thats a bonus :-) aww our first two were planned but littlest man was a fab surprise. Do you know gender? It will be nice for you as well with yr older babies at school so you get some time one on one with bubs. Not much of a gap between yr first two! Xx

  • We don't know the gender, can't wait to meet baby emo. :-) yeah with my other too at school ill have time to enjoy this baby, where as last time I was changing nappies and trying to potty train. Glad that wont happen again hubby wants the snip :-) well done on not being late for school, luckily I'm on school summer hols from next Thursday 9 weeks off. What did you decided to call the baby? X

  • Lol mine wants snip too but I cant imagine not having another one; we shall see lol. Wow 9 weeks is a long time! I thought 6 was enough lol. Im assuming you not in the uk. Im trying to potty train atm but not very successful so far but it will happen when he us ready so im not stressing too much.....yet lol. Have you got any names in mind for the new arrival? Ive got poppy-may; charlie and ollie :-D xx

  • Good luck Hun, not long to go now, just think my little man arrived at 35 weeks! So fingers crossed yours will wait till at least 37 xxx

  • Hi Hun hows it going being a mummy? 39 weeks tomorrow I,m ready for my arrival have a sweep booked for next Tuesday :-) x

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