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need some peace of mind please help

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Just found out i'm pregnant (which i'm happy about) after doing a digital test which said I was 3+ weeks I went to my doctors all he said was to book an appointment with the midwife and didn't do a test or anything left my details at reception and now have to probably wait a week for a call. Is this normal? I would have liked some conformation as it would make it feel more real. I did another test when I got home and that was positive as well. Just want some piece of mind.

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I felt exactly the same as u, but the doctor explained tha a home test is as good as anything he can do. I got a call from th midwife wen I was almost 7wks to book an app. 18weeks now and haven seena mideife since, mines only wants to see me again at 25wks, Congrats!

thank you I feel a bit better now glad to know it hasn't just happened to me

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Exactly the same with me too. I made an appnt for my husband and I to see the GP -expecting him to do a urine test and confirm the good news, But he sent us away saying that if we'd done a Clearblue they are as good as the NHS ones and we didnt need one, and just referrewd me for my first appnt.

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yeh I went with my husband too and he was a little disappointed that the doctor didn't do anything

Thank you. The old system sounds better feels like I have no support off them and on my own, even though I've got a lot of support from my partner, my boss and this community already.

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yep exact same as me, saw dr and she just said ur due date is 9th sept and tht was tht, now I know tht when I have another child I wont b seeing dr as it was pointless but I assumed u made an appointment. x

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yes I thought the doctor would give me more info he didn't give me a due date but I've roughly worked out it'll be end of feb early march. I agree i'll just ask for the midwife next time it was a waste of time and a pain to sort time off work for nothing just waiting for the midwife ring now which again is a pain as I know i'll be at work and will miss the call anyway lol

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ooooh my birthday :)

Yep, this is how it is. My doc made all the arrangements for the midwife for me (guess it depends where you are); took blood pressure, prescribed folic acid (even though I was already taking pregnacare so separate folic acid isn't required), took blood pressure and basically told me what to expect.

Seen the Midwife at hospital at my booking appointment at about 9 weeks; seen sonographer for my first scan at 12 weeks, seen obstetrician at 15 weeks and they listened to heartbeat and they gave me more info as I'm rhesus negative. I'm now 17+2 and due to have my 20 week scan on 1st July. Next midwife appointment at my doctors surgery is on 9th July - this is the only appt I've had to physically phone up and make myself.

I suspect all areas follow a similar pattern unless there are any health issues etc.

Good luck :)

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Thank you. the doc did prescribe pregnacare which i'm going to switch over to from folic acid, as i'm lactose intolerant I want to make sure i'm getting everything I need

Sorry Sally, I know its very disappointing. I then saw the mid wife at 10 weeks, and it was the longest wait! Congratulations, my husband and I did enjoy our little secret ourselves until we had everything confirmed!

it feels like forever, it's hard not to tell anyone I only told my boss because my job sometimes involves heavy lifting.

Congratulations!! I think everybody can relate to what you are going through, that doctor's appointment is such a non event. The tests these days are so good they don't even bother doing one of those.

It seemed like a bloody age until my 10 week midwife appointment, I would just check they've managed to book everything ok and sit tight. I also ended up wasting tons of money on pregnancy tests, particularly as my symptoms really calmed down at about 8 weeks!

If you want your due date then there's lots of apps and websites which can calculate it for you.

Oh and what a very sensible idea to tell your boss if your job involves lifting.


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thank you if I don't hear anything this week i'll chase it up x

hi I'm a first time mum and had no idea what to expect though I thought dr would've done a test! he Said I've taken 2 a missed a period so that's proof enough, took bp and weight and told me to leave my details with reception, I was about 4/5 weeks so I thought I'll probably see my midwife between 8-10 weeks. I was very wrong! I saw her at 11+3! I've now had my first scan with a lot of crying and was just a week behind my calculations :) you realise in pregnancy that they do this every single day, they don't exactly treat you like cattle but not all of them can give you the best friend by your side experience :) good luck and congratulations xxx

thank you can't wait to see her it will hopefully make this feel more real x

I didn't feel it was real until my first scan. The midwife just takes it as true when you tell them ur pregnant, they never tested me or anything. I also had to make all my own appointments. I'm 26 weeks now and all my midwife appointments have been so boring as it seems they are all about filling in paperwork. I had blood tests before my 12 week scan so was reassuring when I got the results from them and the last few appointments they have listened to babies heartbeat which was nice. Good luck with ur pregnancy x

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thank you can't wait till my first scan put my mind at ease x

Same happened to me! Doctor just said ok and booked me in for an appointment. I ended up taking another 4 tests lol!

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