Blood clots?

I am just back from the maternity ward as iv had a pain in my right calf all day. When I foned to see if this was something to do with bn 39 weeks they told me to get checked out as could be a blood clot! Went up and the took some measurements to which my right is 1cm bigger than left but other than pain no ither signs of a clot. The doc took some bloods but said they would not be accurate because I'm pregnant. Anyway said they would take an hour but he was back within 5 minutes saying I have to get a scan at haf 8 tomorrow morning! I don't know what made him change his mind so quick as the blood wasn't back. I am now paranoid and panicing! I said I wouldn't google but I have and I'm seeing stories of woman dropping dead and it been a clot! They gave me two injections incase it is a clot but I still can't help bn scared. Has anyone else had a clot during pregnancy? What happens if it is a clot what will they do? Will it affect my baby? I shld have asked these questions at the hosp but I just thought it wld be nothing I guess I'm kinda shocked. Sorry for rambling on!

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Oh bless u what a worry but ur in the best place and they have given u the injections as precaution so that's good hopefully that would of dispersed it and they aren't taking any risks.. maybe the Dr spoke to someone higher and they said to do it quicker let us know how u get on at the scan hope all is well xxx

Try not to worry. A blood clot is dangerous if I diagnosed. You'll have a Doppler on your leg which is like your scan for your baby. They run it up and down your leg to monitor blood flow. The treatment is the injections your having. Don't worry about how quick your scan is they'll be fitting you in before the routine appointments. I had a bad chest infection at 26 weeks and they had to rule out a clot in my lungs. I've had this test and one on my lungs looking for a clot. Your in the best place and will know soon. Good luck hun x

I meant to say undiagnosed!

Thank you ladies, had my scan at haf 10 today and thankfully there is no clot! What a relief! I'm home now going to get some rest as I had some pink streaks through discharge today that is possibly my mucas plug and signs that this baby may be coming soon!

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