Am I pregnant? Need moree answerss am really worrid n confused:/

Am I pregnant? I have been having pregnancy symptoms since I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 2x in 2 - 3 months the first time was in march and the second time just completed 3weeks today and been feeling sick at one particular time in the morning, I have also been craving new food and eating food I dont normally like, my boobs has gone really big and it has also gone really heavy and my nipple has gone dark n it was sore about 2weeks ago but has stopped but still feel a bit of pain when I touch it n I get really tired all the time and wanting to sleep I get moody easily now n I am really putting on weight n get feverish but I got on my period but it was lighter than b4 this time but the pregnancy test kit keeps coming out as negative:/ and my belly has gone hard, weird right? I know, I am really confused.

Am I pregnant?

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  • First of all contraception! If your intention is to become pregnant then fine, but if not you seriously need to think about covering yourself.

    If you have had a negative and you then waited a week and tested negative again then I would say your not and the only way to fully confirm is a blood test provided at your local GP.

    Your symptoms sound very much like premenstrual tension however some symptoms are the same for pregnancy. If you know your body you'll have that instinct that indeed you maybe pregnant. Sometimes our body's trick us into thinking we have conceived when we haven't.

    If your uncertain the only way is to go do the blood test. Good luck :-)

  • I got told light bleeding is normal if your pregnant but the negative result is freaking me out, well thanks all the same will go to my gp n can you explain what premenstrual is please

  • Yes you can bleed but I wouldn't say its normal Hun, the majority of pregnant women won't bleed and if you were pregnant and bleeding this needs to be looked at by a midwife consultant or doctor to determine why.

    The term premenstrual is a word used to describe the symptoms you get before you period is due.

  • Thanks but then again since I started my period yearrsss ago I have never ever had any of this symptoms it has never happened to me before thats why am confused will get clear blue cause read some other questions n answers sine people in my situation even the blood text came out negative but the clear blue worked out for them n I went to brooks yesterday n was asked to go for a scan.

  • Good luck and let us know how you get on. :-)

  • It is quite unlikely that you would experience pregnancy symptoms as strong as you've listed at just 1-3 weeks after having unprotected sex. Although that's not to say that you couldn't be pregnant - the fact that you've had a period (even a light one) would also suggest that you weren't. My advice would be to wait for a week so that you're 4 weeks post-unprotected sex and test first thing in the morning with a clear blue. You could try the GP to see if they'll give you a blood test although I'm not sure whether they would or not this early.

    I know it's much easier said than done but try not to worry yourself silly - worrying wont actually solve anything! When I was trying for my second, I convinced myself that I was pregnant every month and would start "experiencing" symptoms despite not even being pregnant so it could be that you've got the idea in your mind and your body is following suit - which I suppose could effect your periods too.

    Let us know how you get on x

  • Ok n thankss

  • I had light bleeding at the beginning of my first pregnancy, it lasted about 2-3 days and was really light. I just thought it was my period (I think I was a bit naïve when we first started trying). I also had a negative result on my 3rd when I was pregnant and it was a blood test from my GP that confirmed my result.

  • Thanks that just made me feel better n going for a blood test tomorrow n the thing is I had the spotting bleeding aswell n dint need pad n that stopped n this started the bleeding is light but like a period am confused bcause have never had any of this symptoms before

  • OK good luck, you need to just get a blood test and see how hight your hcg levels are if higher than 25(I think) then you will be pregnant.

  • A number of years ago, I fell pregnant and had what I thought was my period. It came when I was expecting it too but it only lasted 2 days and was very light. My periods last for 7 days normally. It turned out to be what they call an implantation bleed. This is when the fertilised egg implants into your womb. It's more common than a lot of people think but most woman don't experience this.

    Now, during my current pregnancy, I started getting sore breasts before my period was due so this would have been when I was about 1-2 weeks pregnant. I am 39 and have never had sore boobs before or during my period. I also experienced light headedness around this time.

    So it's not too early to be getting these types of symptoms - every woman is different.

    Clear blue is the best home test to get.

    Good luck for which ever outcome you want x

  • Sorry to ask but what did your belly felt like when you were 2-3months pregnant? Because mine hard n can feel something in it too

  • My belly doesn't feel too hard but I wouldn't say it felt any different at around 2 months. I'm just 16 weeks now and sometimes it does feel a bit firmer, that might be where the baby is lying.

    Certainly go to your doctors and explain to them what you are feeling. They can examine you and hopefully put your mind at rest.

  • Its not too hard, its just a bit hard normally its not like this cause I got the flatest stomache b4 I could press my belly is as much as I could but now I can't cause it hurts bad when I do

  • Am scared just gonna see what it is tomorrow, feel I am not pregnant anyway, maybe its just my imagination

  • N what do you mean by firmer

  • Positive testt!

  • Have u booked an appointment with ur doctor

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