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Think i'm losin my mucus plug :/


33wks +3 and yesterday i was at the loo and wen i wiped myself (tmi sorry) there was a bit of thick, yellowish, snotty like discharge. I didn't think much to it as i've been losin alot of yellowish discharge throughout the whole of my pregnancy. But then the same happened as i was going to bed, only then it was alot thicker and stringy. No blood tho. During the night i woke a frequent amount of times for the toilet and kept gettin twinges reali low down. I'm suffering with SPD so these twinges felt reali painful, then about 5am i started with braxton hicks and agen snotty discharge appeared. Still no blood tho. I'm quite concerned as this is my 1st baby and i dont knw wot to expect and i always thought the mucus plug was blood stained? Anybody give me any advice?

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Could you be a Lil more far along in the pregnancy than thought ?. In some cases the mucus plug could be just a clear , snotty like liquid to begin with.then when contractions develop could show a bit a blood.

Its probably best to contact the Maternity unit (where you've chosen to give birth). The telephone number is usually on the front of the green pregnancy notes book & see what one of the midwifes advise you to do. They may ask you to come in so they can monitor you for a few hours, but Im sure it will be fine.



I'd get it checked, doesn't hurt to be checked over x

Hiya, It does sound like it to me. When I was pregnant with my 1st at 36w I went to the toilet and wiped it was thick discharge with small amounts of red streaks running through it. I had my little boy less than a week later. Just take it easy and put a pad on as if your waters go it will be extra safety net.

I wouldn't worry about losing it but if you start losing more and you are worried just give your midwife a ring. They probably wont do anything but at least put your mind at rest. You will probs have an app soon with her but they cant do internals until you are past 37weeks. Jst make sure you have got your hospital bag ready and stuff.

i have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow. Just been on the phone with her and she just says to take it easy tryin not to strain too much like wen bendin etc. She's goin to talk over everything with me tomorrow, in the meantime if things get any worse then i must go to hospital. My bags ready, been ready from 28wks lol. Hope its a while b4 baby comes, i cant wait to meet him/her but its a little too early yet x x

Megzey in reply to becs2013

How exciting, some people dont even get a show, I never with my 2nd. OOO keep us posted if anything happens. Good luck at your app tomorrow.

Sounds like your plug to me but don't worry, it's more of a sign that your cervix is starting to ripen and stretch ready for D-Day rather than a sign of imminent labour!

I had my first show at 35+6, it was mostly yellowy with a tiny tinge of pink, and baby was born at 39+4 so there was a good wait.

Give your midwife a bell if you're worried, but I'd consider it a positive sign that your body is preparing :-)

With this recent pregnancy I passed a small amount of the show/plug at 31weeks. Midwife advised me to monitor myself, if I got regular contractions or my waters broke I was to get streight to hospital, otherwise she told me to try not to worry too much about it. Baby held on until we were 40+5days before she was born a healthy 9lb 2ozs. It's not easy to do but try not to worry, and I hope your little one stays where he/ she is for a few weeks yet. Good luck. X

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