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How did you feel symptom wise when you had your first pregnancy?


I know this is going to sound like a really stupid question but I was just wondering, how you first realised you were pregnant before you got a positive test result.

I've worked out I'm around 11 weeks pregnant but I've done two pregnancy tests which have been negative. I've had a lot of symptoms (nausea, breasts are tender and got bigger, pelvic cramping/back pain, foods tasting different, smell sensitivity etc.) I'm planning to see the nurse next week.

Has anyone else experienced having negative pregnancy tests yet still being pregnant?

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Not experienced a negative and been pregnant however it can happen but I wouldn't get your hopes up. Did you use a clearblue? They are pretty fantastic at getting it right. Sometimes our bodies may trick us into thinking your pregnant especially if your trying to conceive. This has happened to me and then unfortunatly month.y showed up. When I did find out the first thing I noticed was I became very picky with food and completely went off alcohol. After doing a test nausea kicked in for a few weeks alongside sore boobs, ie you take your bra off and ouch that little drop kills. My fingers are crossed for you but consider both sides Hun x

Pycxie in reply to Allyemo1985

Thanks for the reply. I wasn't trying to conceive but all the symptoms I have including two missed periods indicate that I am. I'll give an update when I've been to the Nurse :)

For me, I had the most most painful breasts ever that reduced me to tears and I left work early to see the doc, she did a check and said they were hard! Asked me to take a test just to see, and yep I was pregnant, and only two weeks :)


It can happen. .. happened to my friend.. see ur g.p and get ur bloods done x

I had a negative test but was pregnant with my 3rd. I did a test on 15th Feb which was negative and I am now 17w 3days. It was my hcg levels in my blood test that the doc took that revelied it in the end. Are you testing 1st thing in the morning? I only used a cheap test in Feb as I had spent a fortune on the clear blue ones over xmas

Pycxie in reply to Megzey

Yes both were first thing in the morning, however when I did the first one I didn't think I was as far along as I could thought I'd wait for a bit in case it was negative again. Maybe I'll ask for a blood test :)

Megzey in reply to Pycxie

Make sure when you ring your GP surgery to book an app that you say you want a blood test as when I went to the docs after not having a period for 14 weeks I got the sister and she wouldn't take blood off me and had to refer me to a doctor which took another few days and a trip back to the docs. Let us know how you get on :-)

Pycxie in reply to Megzey

Thanks Megzey, I'm pretty lucky to have a great GP who is very understanding plus they can do the blood tests on the day if it's important enough. Plus I have other medical issues so they would rush my test.

I will let you all know what's going on...hopefully it's not bad news :(

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to answer :D


I am 7 weeks pregnant and still have no symptoms -other than being moody! ;)

My first sign that I might be pregnant was I was a day late for my period; then two days; then three days. So then I took a test and it came back positive :)

My GP said Clearblue is as accurate as any test they do at the GP -so much so that they wouldn't retest me when I went to the drs, because I had used a Clearblue.

Felt pre-menstral for weeks, with the most debilitating fatigue ever. Tested positive at 6/40


I didn't find out was pregnant till about 6 weeks but only coz was late on period, I didn't get symptoms till 9 weeks but by then had seen midwife. I would be surprised if u had negative results at 11 weeks not saying impossible. I would get bloods done as this is the most definite way to find out x

For about six months I have been experiencing pregnancy like symptoms but my tests kept being negative. It wasnt until early January this year when I first got a positive result which I also got affirmed by the clear blue test which is also very accurate. I think after eighteen years on the pill my body was just trying to recover from that mode and perhaps it was why I was experiencing those pregnancy like symptoms and actually did not get a period for six months and then I did and then never got another one as I managed to get finally pregnant. So please dont get too hopeful until you get a positive clear blue test otherwise you may be very disappointed. Good luck with your trying and be patient and never lose hope. :)

Pycxie in reply to Neonka

Thank you for your response. I wasn't on the pill and my cycles are as regular as clockwork. I've missed three periods and had 2 negative tests which I did quite early on near to the 2 missed period.

I'm not getting my hopes nor am I trying to conceive, as I said previously I have other health issues but I actually feel pregnant not just feeling the symptoms.

Please let us know what your GP tells you when they check you out. It is quite strange and puzzling, I agree. I hope you can get some reassurance. Good luck.

Thanks to everyone who has responded.

I've seen my doctor today who has me some confirmation however I'm having an urgent scan on not sure if that's a good or a bad thing as yet. Wish me luck :/

Had my first positive PT today...feeling more relieved however my scan has been postponed until tomorrow as they have over booked. :D

Hey everyone,

Went to the hospital today after having pains unfortunately it was bad news...:(

Oh no gutted for you. Keep your chin up:-)

Pycxie in reply to Megzey

Thanks Megzey, just have to break the news to my partner when he comes back tomorrow. Not the best news to do you say it :'(

So sorry Pycxie, thats a sad news, i ve been following your chat, just actually joined. 3rd day.

Pycxie in reply to Ejiro

Hi Ejiro,

It's was 7 months ago now. I forgot I was even on this forum until I got your message. :)

sorry dear, did not realize it seven ago, your baby must be really big now

Hi Ejiro,

I'm assuming you haven't read the rest of the was 7 months ago and I had a miscarriage and I had complications. So not so sure why you're asking me on this post. If you have any questions I'm sure the other ladies can answer your questions if you're trying to conceive or if you're pregnant.

Sorry to be blunt...but perhaps you should post any questions you have on a new post.

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