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Siatica pain has got worse!

So I went to the chiropractor on thurs and my pain is worse. . He said I might be a little bit sore but this is a joke, it's actually alot worse now and resting doesn't seem to help! Bloody waste of £35 my left leg really hurts when I sit down and feels numb down the front and my right really hurts if I'm mobile and do any lifting or bending

So can't win either way, I've gone to bed to have a lay down seeing as my kids had me up since 5.30am! And I'm laying on my right side and my left leg is killing me arrrggghh! Think I'll try the osteopath next. ...:)

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Oh hun, poor you i think i remember 1 of your online blog "here" saying you've got 4 children already. Just for that alone you deserve to rest as much as you can.

I dont think ive had bad siatica yet but sinse about 2wks ago i occassionally get a pain which starts in my foot & then travels up to my pelvic muscles area.

Im 14wks pregnant today & ive spoke "briefly" to my community midwife about it but she's just advised me to take it easy as much as possible.

(Not so easy when you have a 4yr old to attend to)



Hi there, sorry to hear you had a bad experience so far with manual therapy, but as he said sometimes you can be worse for a few days. I am an osteopath based in sawston and i have a special interest in pregnancy related issues. I am happy to treat you for a free session if you like to see if it makes a difference, just because i really hate to hear of women suffering as generally it can be related up quite easily. If you would like to try just call and make an appointment at betternow healthcare in sawston. In the mean time you should try some ice wrapped in a tea towel for 5 minutes every hour. If you have any other questions, i will be happy to try and answer. Good luck. Claire


Hi Claire, that is as very kind offer, but your roughly over and hour and half away from me, I do know of an osteopath locally so may try her next though I am a bit wary as I'm still in pain. .I only had this pain in my right bum cheek when I was pregnant with my daughter 15 Years ago. . But have been suffering on and off with pain in my left for the last couple of years but the right has just come back with a vengeance! I do really appreciate ur kind offer, I have to go back to the chiropractor tmw for a follow up and will tell them that I didn't find it much help, he sees my friend as she duffers with her back but he did exactly the same stuff he does on her. .. clicked neck and lower back x


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