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Midwives, has anyone actually had one consistently through their pregnancy?


So very irritated! Both of my pregnancies now have had a number of different midwives, how can they keep track of whats going on if its never the same person!? How are you supposed to feel secure with the person taking care of your unborn child if you can't build up a relationship with them?

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The midwife that I see won't be the same one when I go into labour ...it was when I was pregnant with my daughters but not these days, to be honest I am just pleased if they are kind considerate and have a little time to listen to ur concerns and are helpful and don't rush u...at first u only see them once a month and they see so many women they probably forget you but towards the end where you see them more regularly it is nice if you see the same one, and I'm under consultant led as well so may see the consultant or a registrar or just the midwife up the hosp so it's all over the place. I've just learnt with the NHS it can be so up in the air but as long as the people I see give a damn then that's all that matters to me :)

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I'm 22 weeks now and have seen a midwife twice, last week she told me I shouldn't have bothered as they didn't need to see me until 28 weeks. Being forgotten about sometimes just isn't acceptable, I didn't get the Anti-D in my first pregnancy until 8 weeks after I was supposed to have it.

Hi Hun as part of NHS you will never see the same midwife unless they are a community midwife. I have seen the same doctor not midwife because I'm on private healthcare in the UAE. What I can say is no matter what you will get the best care with either and although I never seen the same midwife the day you give birth and the midwife with you that day you will remember forever and I cherish the time I had with each of mine on th day of birth because each one gave support and cared for me and my baby throughout. X

I saw my midwife today, again another different midwife, but again she was so lovely:) I asked this exact same question, and she said I wouldn't see the same midwife hardly ever!

No worries as long as I feel im being listened too, which I am :)

I have a community midwife and it has been the same all the way through, she is totally useless, I do not feel that she takes any notice of my worries or concerns mainly because she is ALWAYS running so late (this week she was 45 mins late)! so having the same one only works if you have a good one!


I have a community midwife and shes lovely, she listens to everything I say and its though she is a friend. I kno some midwives get a bad press but mine is gd!!

I have a community midwife & she's brilliant. Feel really lucky :)

I know what ur going through! My pregnancy is high risk as I had my son at 31 weeks last preg. I also tested positive for strep B last year. I actually had 3 diff midiwfes in and out in the space of one appointment! It was a shambles. They have still never mentioned a flu jag or whooping cough jag to me(had them at my own nurse through booking myself after seeing a poster). I am also ment to have scans every 4 weeks and one midwife just decided no I hadn't to go for another, to which I didn't agree with as it was in my notes from the obstitrician so I finally got one! They still have not asked me my birth plan or any personal questions and im 34 weeks. I feel the care I'm getting is shocking especially when I am going through such a hard time as I'm really nervous I will go early again. Through my son being born early last time he has bn left disabled with cerebral palsy and epilepsy so as you can guess I am praying every check is done to prevenit from happining again xx

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Oh my, that's atrocious.

You should be getting extra care not less, what a complete mess.

I'm literally speechless.

I hope they pull themselves together for you as the was you're being treated is ridiculous.

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