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31 weeks growth scan and general update:)


I had my whooping cough jab at 28 weeks, no problems just a sore arm for two days.

I have been doing my best to keep my sugar levels down , I test four times a day, my insulin has now been increased three times to 10 units every evening plus 3x metformin a day. It looks like my insulin needs will be increasing every few days:(

I'm now 31 weeks 2 days, I have increased my activity levels from 20-40 minutes of walking my dog per day, again to help the diabetes remain low.

My anaemia is much better not quite up to normal levels but getting there

I haven't gained a single pound of weight since 26.3.13, very happy.

My lovely tummy is very round, like a football.

Heartburn is bad, finally got a prescription :)

Craving steak everyday

Moods have been fairly good except last night I was really really over the top horrible to my hubby, but the again dont serve me shit food! After all you are a chef!

Baby boy is so strong and kicks and punches are felt a lot.

Had my scan today to check his growth, he is head down but not fully engaged, he weighs 5 pounds (about a pound heavier than average) his growth rate is perfect, my placenta and cord is perfect too:)

Next appointment is Tuesday with the diabetic team and a tour of the labour ward.

Very happy this afternoon :)

How is everyone today :)

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Congrats! Sounds like you are managing the diabetes expertly. Good news also re your scan: not all hospitals do them, but I think the more scans the better! Mine was also fine - all measurements normal, and baby in the right place for labour. Getting very impatient now - just want to meet him xxx


WOO HOO! good day lol and yes not acceptable from a chef ;) good news about the weight you must be trying really hard, good on you glad little man is doing good too! xx


Also craving steak :-)

Seems like you are doing everything you can to manage the gestational diabetes. Shame about the heartburn. I haven't had it at all but have had it in the past and it is not much fun to endure for a prolonged time. There's only so much gaviscon a person can guzzle! :)

Ooo... I'd give anything for a medium rare fillet steak, chips, mushrooms and sweetcorn...

Glad your little man is giving you hoofings. It's such a lovely feeling, especially before space gets cramped! You're so lucky you get to see him in a scan. I'd give anything to see Squiggly...

The most important thing to read is that you are a happy Skyblueboston! :)

How am I today? Not too bad but could do without the neighbours having the builders in with drills, hammering and clanking and their horrid little jack russell not on a lead peeing in my front lawn and running wild. I have to let my dogs out on leads to go to the toilet any way (can't walk them... too big and waddly, if I went to pick up their mess I'll never get back up again) and their little dog bounds over and upsets them and my dogs rear up and almost pull me down. Nightmare... Squiggly still hanging out in my tumwell! She's too cosy in there! :)

Speak soon beautiful and looking forward to more updates from you! :) xxxx

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