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New here. One question

Does anyone here have lesions like eczema with pain(or burn) in the skin of the knees and elbows? and do you know depigmented vitiligo-like areas on the body and face? thanks

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The Dermatomyositis rash can occur on the elbows & knees, although it is generally more scaly then the rash found on the body & face (the rash on the hands can be raised).


Hi. I have dermatomyositis. I have kust had a flare up after 8years. I had an itchy painful scaly rash on my back by my armpits and at the back of my neck as well as my eyelids. The rash was raised and dark and so itchy. Its getting better with prednisone and cteam. I have always had vitligo on my neck; but i habe found that where the derma rash comes out it leaves my skin with streaks of vitligo pink. Im black btw so you can imagine how im black and pink in places......good times! 😊

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