Dermatomyotisis Treatment Options

Hi there. I am new on here. I am am a 36 year old female.I was diagnosed with dermatomyositis about 10 years ago but my CK levels were not super high and they said it was dormant and suggested we dont treat for now. My main symptoms are rash on neck and scalp and knuckles and elbows and difficulty with stairs and getting up from chairs. I am generally healthy and swim twice a week. I had a stressful time and last few months have noticed since my muscles are worse and also hurting in this cold damp weather so at my last app I brought this up. They took a blood test and want to do an MRI. I think it has become active. Haven't heard back as yet from my rheumatologist but treatment by steroids has been brought up and I think maybe its time to get treated. Have you found steroids have improved your muscle weakness? Also I am really worried about side effects so wondered if people have been affected much by then. I work full time and have an active social life so just hoping it won't affect me too much. I also think I might like to have children in next couple of years and wonder how my condition may affect this? Looking forward to hearing from fellow sufferers! Gemma


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