IBM people, please post

I have just found my way to the new site. I hope all those with IBM will as well. I miss your helpful posts. I posted on the old site looking for you, but no replies. It probably wasn't being used though I didn't realize it. I think people just don't know there is a new site. It is more difficult to navigate, but I am starting to get around. The U.S. started a new site and it took some time to get used to it as well. I am still learning. Since I am not a Facebook user, I am not seeing much about IBM these days.

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  • I have DM, rather than IBM, but just though I'd say hello. I'm also off Facebook and hoping this site holds some good craic and info

  • Hi Bon-Bon and welcome. I have PM but like you I would want to encourage everyone to use the site. I don't want to use Facebook and feel very isolated in the UK at times with this illness. Hope we can all build the site and help each other. Best wishes. Mary

  • Hi Suzedablooze and Mary. We all have a myositis disease, and it helps to be able to share with others what is happening to us and also to get helpful ideas. Most of what I know about IBM, I have learned from this site and the U. S. site. Mary, do you post on the U.S. site? I know there is Mary from U.K. that I see posting. Best, Bonnie

  • Hi Bonnie. Yes I do but they have made changes there and it's not working so well. It's great to have our own site in the UK. It's important to find out about how research is working here, I hope this site will grow and prosper. Spread the word. Best wishes. Mary

  • Hi Mary, I am from Canada, so I rely on U.S. and U.K. for my information. We have started a Myositis Canada, but it is small and no postings so far. We have no clinical trials in Canada and no research on Myositis. That is the goal of our Myositis Canada. For a big country, we are sadly lacking in many ways. Not to say there is no research, just not in Myositis. I have made many friends over the years on both sites and that is where I get all my information. I have been to doctors in the U.S. as well. Best, Bonnie

  • Hi Bonnie. I know there is a new site in Canada. Hope it grows and helps. Canada seems to have very few Rheumatologists. Mary

  • Canada seems to have very few specialists, including rheumatologists. Not the best situation. I have gone to doctors in the U.S. and attend the conferences. Bonnie