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Hello all, after a fall and some time in hospital the time has now arrived to try and make driveway more wheel chair friendly - for drainage reasons can't slab footpath and driveway and looking at "CEDAR GRAVEL" system which is laid under fine gravel chips and i am told is wheelchair friendly. Any experiences tackling this problem?

Any help appreciated


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I haven't, but wanted to just say I had come across this as a half-way house measure:


Hello Wighton, I have to get my approach to my house paved over and a ramp installed. My experience of wheelchair operations leads me to suspect that you might have problems getting a wheelchair over gravel. A company in Liverpool installed my ramp, it is very good.


Sorry to hear that wighton. I am not in a wheelchair yet, but I have a paved driveway. I use a rollator and it works well on the pavement. Is that a possibility?


Hope you find something satisfactory, I haven't heard of this gravel but have used a powerchair for many years and our drive was in the end tarmacked and is wonderful. A shame that you don't have that option. We have slabs at the back but even the joints in those used to be too much of a trip hazard when I walked on them. All the best with your investigations.


Hi wighton so lovely to hear from you again I didn't want to intrude while you were in hospital.Sorry I can't answer your question though I just want to say I'm so glad your on the mend so to speak I'm still attending nine wells and since I last was in touch with you I have lost a lot of muscle in my tops of arms and thighs I'm now on mycofenolate 2000 mg I'm ok with it but don't feel it's helping and I don't see rheumatologist till end of April I have e-mailed herafew times but have just found out she is on holiday as I am waiting on my 3rd. EMG muscle test results and a now on my 2nd.year with supposedly polymyositis ,,,,,,,I think when we have such a rare. Disease we have to keep fighting our corner or be left behind . I am so glad you are back with us I know you had a nasty fall is that what caused you to be hospitalised.? Please don't answer that wighton if it's too personal for you I wish you lots good luck and best wishes you know me. As Stella I'm sure you. Will identify with. That as I used to E- mail you kind regards .

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