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Interesting New Technology if you have IBM

I hope I have been able to post this as it is quite interesting. It has been developed in Canada and Martin is using it to run in a marathon. Other than that, I don't have any other details. Thinking we might hear more about it at the conference in September in San Diego, which I will be attending. The marathon is this weekend.

Not sure which site to post this on so put it on both sites.


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Hi Bonnie, I have had a good look at the website......interesting mission statement ..... If only! I am on a mission just now to find vertical lift chair (not wheelchair) I have a really comfortable chair but it tilts as it rises and its getting harder and harder. Hope you are OK. Best wishes Wighton


What do you think of the demoskeleton? I don't know if I would have the strength to walk with it. Someone in U.S. said it probably would cost scillions. However much that is! It is an interesting piece of gear though.


Hi - me again.....meant to say enjoy San Diego! We did US1 PacificCoast highway a few years ago and finished in San Diego, hope you have a great time. Wighton


bon bon hi hope you are keeping well. Yes that is an interesting article but the man who is doing the 10k is only 46 and just been diagnosed with IBM.I would think he still has a lot of muscle mass and this makes the run possible

Wighton hello again. I have the same problem about getting up from whatever i am sat on.I am typing this sat on a NHS type perching stool with small arms and a small padded back. It is white tubular steel with 4 adjustable legs. I have 4 of these, 1 is at my daughters, 1 in the kitchen 1 upstairs by the Comp and 1 in the garage for when its sitting out time. My wife bought them from charity shops for £4 each. I take 1 in the car with me for meetings etc.

In the lounge i sit on a normal armchair with an extra 2inch thick solid cushion then on top of that an upeasy riser seat which lifts me up as i start to push myself up using the chairs arms.I also have 1 in my car which i take with me. I put the same arrangement in my power chair (low seat ) and it lets me get up. I was out yesterday with my wife in her car. We stopped outside a pub she checked the chairs outside and 1 had arms. She took the cushion and upeasy seat assist and put them on the chair. Using my stick and her arm i walked the 15yds to the seat. When i started to sit down the seat assist compressed, and vice versa when i started to get up. They are manual seat assists but you can get powered one's.

Hope this helps Wighton

Cheers David


David, I completely agree with you. I can't get up from chairs, toilet seats, etc. Can't go up steps, have 2 stairlifts in my house. Need cushions when I go out. I wouldn't have the strength or the muscle to use it. Like you say, might work for the young and newly diagnosed.

Someday, hopefully sooner rather than later, there will be something for us.




Wow! this looks interesting - I've messaged them to see if they have any plans to introduce this in UK.


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