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How do you manage stress

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After a 3 day hospital stay due to MS which is being blamed and rightfully so to stress, how do you de-stress? Best sleep I’ve had in days yet I’ve been awake since 3 am unable to shut off my head to all those stress factors. I’m am joining senior center at 59 is less than a mile from home and they offer exercise programs. Excited to try Tai Chi and yoga which should be doable, modifications for seniors sounds perfect for me, really want to learn the moves I tried utube but didn’t work for me. I also walk daily due to new dog this year. How do you free yourself from your own head?

15 Replies
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Exercise and meditation work for me.

Tai Chi and yoga is a good idea as well.

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Sounds like you are on the right path to stay active and socialize. I also pray daily and have turned my will and life over to my higher power. This and the love of my furbabies and friends help tremendously 👍 Good luck 👍 🙏😉🤗🐕‍🦺🐩🐾🐾

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A lot of prayer daily

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I play a game on my laptop that requires planning and focus. I’m stretching in a float tank now, and I’ve noticed everything goes downhill when spasticity is worse. My favorite is long walks outside listening to music or an audiobook. If it’s a really bad day, I watch a movie or show that I get engrossed in, and maybe have some Baileys in my hot cocoa too. I hope you find some relief soon!

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Since I can't stand long or walk, exercising is not for me. I have to start the day with a prayer to get going. 🙏🏽

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falalalala in reply to Cutefreckles72

There are yoga books out there for people with MS.

I believe a lot of the poses are geared towards sitting positions.

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Cutefreckles72 in reply to falalalala

Thank you for the suggestion. 👍🏽 I am going to start physical therapy soon. I miss walking.

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I still walk but often use a wheelchair for longer outings.It turned out to be a God send.

I hope the PT helps things for you.

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My nuerologist recommend trying a vestibular therapy. So she set me with an exercise program that was water based. She had a pool in the hospital she worked at. If you have access to a pool I'd recommend trying it. Soothing relaxing and building strength.

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Cutefreckles72 in reply to JTZES

Thanks. I need the strength in my legs to build back up.

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In the car I listen to classical music. I pray every day. I still have stress, but I try to manage it. I truly hope that you can find some way to alleviate some of your stress!

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Counselling. Head therapy. I was carrying a ton of stuff in my head around. It took a long time but I feel so much lighter now.

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sounds like you will be having some fun at the senior center learning tai chi and yoga ...i should check with ours to see if they offer it ...would be great is hard to destress if it is something that is bothering you ,so if it is fix it if you can or make it go away for this is your life ...isn't always easy to do but i just try to stay busy doing something sorry it is so bad...walking the dog is great ...looking at all of the houses and flowers until winter gets here ...if you use a cane you can get a thing to put on it at the bottom that helps with not slipping when it is icy out has litte spike type things that when you don't use you can fold up like when you go into a store or house ...take care happy ...laughter is great or smile and people will wonder what joke you know or something you know fun...laughter is great...

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Try focusing on your breath. When you exhale, you're blowing out all your internal thoughts. When another thought pops in, take a slightly deeper breath and blow that thought out. It takes time and practice to get good at this. Eventually, you'll be able to clear your mind in a couple of minutes. Then, practice holding that space. First, if you can hold it for 5 minutes, that's good. With practice, try to work up to holding it for 20 minutes. True gurus can hold that space for a long time.

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I pray, NanaCC , alot.

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