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Seat cushion advice


Does anybody have a recommendation for a seat cushion that would work on a sofa or recliner? My tail bone has started developing bed sores, I guess it would be called, since I’m always sitting on my behind! Anything I’ve looked at on line is really suggested for desk chairs or harder seats. I could use a recommendation for an adjustable bed topper, too. Ideas?

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My husband bought me a"Purple" brand cushion.

It's not that great to be honest. Especially for the $.

Dang! That was actually one I went ahead and gave my email address to thinking it might be good. Great feedback. I have looked and looked and have found nothing that truly strikes me.

It might work for you though.

Hey, you can’t do that! Haha. It’s like the weather guy saying we could see some rain or we may not. I always love when it’s such a clear forecast. Just kidding. I know what you mean. I’m just, so I believe, different than many. I will be hard on whatever I get because I can’t sit still. Of course, maybe if something was comfortable enough, I would. I doubt it, though, because of my spasticity.


For your bed, you may want a 'bed or mattress topper' to cushion your bed. Most stores sell them at various prices. If you are handy, you may be able to pick up some foam at a local hardware store, and cut it to the same size that you want to replace. I looked online and couldn't find much except ordering custom cushions:

Tinker-Belle in reply to bxrmom

Handy is one thing I am NOT...or talented...or artistic... That’s a great idea, though. The only place I am bothered on the bed is right where it bends. There is a little bump because of the mattress bending that hits me right in the sore spot. A mattress topper that would be flexible and cushiony would be ideal.

bxrmom in reply to Tinker-Belle

Is there a way to rotate your mattress so that one part doesn't hit your sore spot? I rotate my queen size mattress about every 6 months. And I know when it's time because my bed starts to get uncomfortable. Once I rotate, things feel better :)

Tinker-Belle in reply to bxrmom

It’s only where the mattress bends no matter how it is moved so adjusting it wouldn’t do anything. It’s a new “hospital bed” which I love other than that.

goatgal in reply to Tinker-Belle

A thick sheepskin pad for the bed might do the trick.

Tinker-Belle in reply to goatgal

🤔 Hmmmm. I will look into this. Thanks!

Look for Memory Foam. (I'm speaking as someone who tested in at mattress factory for 21 years...)

I have an ancient memory foam (ish) pillow I just dug out and am sitting on it. This feels much better. Thank you! I’m going to see if it will work in bed later, too, but I may need to buy something made for that. A memory foam topper, perhaps?

Sure. And the thicker the better.

Another thing you might want to try is convoluted (egg-crate) foam. It helps with circulation if you're going to be in bed for an extended time.

I wondered about that but wouldn’t my scootching around wear it out? The egg crate stuff is actually pretty inexpensive, I think, but I didn’t see how that could work.

I put the memory foam pillow under my behind last night and it was so comfortable! Grant it, a memory foam topper would work better but this proved it would absolutely help. Thanks!

So glad it helped!

All joking aside, we got a My Pillow mattress topper. It totally changed our comfort level. Be careful about dealing with bed sores. They can be a real challenge to heal, once started. I hope you find a really comfortable and effective seat pad that distributes your weight better.

This is true. I will. Thank you!

I don't know if it will help you but when my dad broke his tail bone he used a pillow that looked like a donut. My sister and I teased him about his donut pillow especially after he used our magic markers to decorate it to look like a decorated donut. He found his at a medical specialty store.

I just did a quick internet search and they are called either donut rings or donut cushions.

Good idea. I need to check them out. I think that might work. Thanks! I think I’d adore your dad. He sounds spirited and fun.

He had a twisted sense of humor.


I have a cushion that I use for my hard chairs called 'Miracle Bamboo Cushion'. It works for me, Tinker-Belle :-D

I have one of those I used to use on my manual wheelchair. Good idea. I need to get it out and see if it could work on the sofa. Thank you!

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