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Hello friends, looking for some input here. I'm sick of getting these stupid messages on my phone about "Last chance" and "Final Attempt" to speak with a SSI disability attorney for a no cost evaluation. I applied for SSI over a month ago but it's all still in process so I haven't even received a determination, and I haven't even contacted an attorney yet so how did they get my number? Has anyone received these annoying messages or phone calls, and should I call or wait until I find out if I get approved for it? I would rather choose my own attorney locally and don't want to get stuck with one that screws me over or makes me obligated to use them. Thanks in advance! :-)

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  • My guess is that these "attorneys ", probably scammers, got your info from a website that you visited. I don't answer calls from numbers that I don't know. If they don't leave a message, or the messages are unwanted, then I block the phone number. Unfortunately some scammers change their phone number daily. You can also try this: 😉

  • Thank you Vinagirl! I kinda figured it was a scam because I haven't even looked for an attorney yet! Will block them for sure!

  • I agree with Vinagirl, they probably place a "cookie" on your pc or phone..

  • Bamfan1442

    Are they from ALLSUP? The service that helps with SSDI appeals?

    They r supposedly a good thing.

  • No I don't think so. My voicemails from that number are only 5 seconds long and garbled. Doesn't say who they are and the messages are only partial ones always cut off and not a full message.

  • I'm going on 3 years.

  • Wow 1RiskyRich still no decision on eligibility or are you in the appeal process? I am looking into attorneys near me, but the problem is I don't have a car or any way to get to an appointment with one other than on the phone. I don't have a fax machine or printer either, and I know they will need copies of documents and other info I have on my computer. Hang in there, I'm sure I will be in the same boat with you regardless! Frustrating and exhausting :-(

  • I'm going on 3 years

  • It definitely sounds like a scam to me! I know those calls are annoying, but I would not call them back. When I applied for disability, I never used an attorney. My husband helped me fill out all the paper work, sent it in, and waited for their determination. I received paperwork/letter back months later, and was told the exact date and time they would call me. Once we spoke and all info processed, I found out I was approved, and exactly when and how much I would be getting. GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Attorney wise I am using Allsup. It goes to court in December. They said I qualify for $1,218 a month. I bought a small car and drive for Lyft and bring home a little less than that weekly. They are a waste of time. I had to fundraise to have HSCT treatment. They rather pay for my $19,606 Tysabri Infusions every 28 days but not my one & done treatment for $54,400. I saved them about 14 infusion already. Do the math. Over a quarter of a million dollars. Biogen must be pissed at me! And the world in 2013 when it bocomws FDA approved.

  • yes 1RiskyRich that sounds frustrating as hell!! From what I've been reading on here lately, stem cell therapy sounds like a great option but the drug companies don't like it because they won't make any money from it. How sad :-( and also insurance companies don't want to cover it because it's too new and hasn't been studied enough, am I right? I'm not looking forward to the possibility of having to receive new medications that may not be effective or that have horrible side effects. I hate just taking ibuprophen or any kind of pills, and hate needles! Kudos to you on your efforts to fund your own HSCT treatment wow! How did you do it? Sounds like that project would be a monumental and exhausting task for you! I admire your strength and courage, and hope I can muster some for myself in my current uphill battle for a diagnosis and perhaps treatment. Stay strong and take care :-)

  • It was VERY tiring but my goal at the end of it all was to be standing with my son at the alter when he says I do & to see his college graduation. One down one to go! HSCT will be approved in 2023 unless they do what they did to Lemtrada. I posted a video. There's No Money In A Cure by Chris Roc. It hits the nail on the head.

  • I filled out the proper paper work and had all the proper MRI reports and paper work from my doctors . I then went into the local Social Security office and met with a representative. Fortunately it was a bad day. My wife took me to the appointment and I used a cane to walk in. Previous to the appointment I had talked to an attorney that was recommended by National MS Society. We talked for about an hour and it was free. If he got involved and had to file appeals etc he would charge me. I think it was six months of my Social Security. Fortunately I was determined to be permanently disabled. I received the reply four weeks later. I used to climb ladders and go on long job walks at construction sites. I could no longer do my job.

  • Dr. Burt is doing HSCT in Northwestern Hospital in Chicago Illinois. Seek him out

    He even gets insurance to pay!

    I checked him out but went with Dr. Ruiz instead. More experience. It's been around since 1994 for another illness. It's just been modified for MS.

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