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The Coronavirus and MS


In response to the recent outbreak, MSAA has posted a news item on our website, "The Coronavirus and MS: What You Need to Know." This article covers a range of important details such as: coronavirus symptoms and special considerations for individuals with MS, how the virus spreads, online resources, and more.

You can read more at:

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Thank you all!


I read the whole article and learned a few things. I am and have been on quarantine since hip surgery on Feb 3. Except for 1 Dr. appt. (first of the day, for added safety) and Physical Therapy. My MS Neuro called me yesterday and advised quarantine until further notice. Thank you for very informative article on MSAA!

This is very good, EmilyM375 Keep Smiling :-D

Vietnam vets took a drug preventing malaria every week that my Neuro thinks might still be in my system protecting me from this virus.

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