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The Coronavirus and MS

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In response to the recent outbreak, MSAA has posted a news item on our website, "The Coronavirus and MS: What You Need to Know." This article covers a range of important details such as: coronavirus symptoms and special considerations for individuals with MS, how the virus spreads, online resources, and more.

You can read more at:

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Thank you all!

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I read the whole article and learned a few things. I am and have been on quarantine since hip surgery on Feb 3. Except for 1 Dr. appt. (first of the day, for added safety) and Physical Therapy. My MS Neuro called me yesterday and advised quarantine until further notice. Thank you for very informative article on MSAA!

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This is very good, MSAA_Staff Keep Smiling :-D

Vietnam vets took a drug preventing malaria every week that my Neuro thinks might still be in my system protecting me from this virus.

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CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to Johngm

I don't know if my hubby received the malaria drug you mentioned or not. He was there 1966-68. He had Covid last August. Horribly ill about 3 weeks, still has some issues. Thank you for your service.

I hope that it is, Johngm ! Do you know if you have been exposed to COVID=19? Keep us posted! 😊

Thank you, MSAA_Staff ! Lots of good info.

Thank you! Recently an aquaintence passed away and tow seperate families 3 homes apart all have covid. I am saddened when i get an instagram where they are at a huge football game, no mask, no vaccine etc....Heard immunity has added to death and overwhelming hospital medical field and so much pain.

Heard Immunity- Sheep heard with their heads caught in a fence, we know what happens next!For those that don't, they sit or lay there to wait and die! (Heard Immunity)

Thank you soooo much

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