Affordable Health Insurance for MS

This is a link to ask congress to assure affordable health insurance is available to people with MS. Not a political statement - just an opportunity to make the need known. Right now I'm working and have insurance through my employer but you never know what your future holds, especially when you have MS.


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  • Thank you KerryOkie !!!

    This is extremely important. The current replacement policies that are being discussed may place those with pre-existing conditions like MS into high risk pools that make insurance unaffordable.

    Write, call, and go to congressionally attended town halls and rallies to let your voice be heard.

    The ACA (Obamacare) is far from perfect and definitely needs fixing but the fixes and/or replacement, or delays that allow insurers to be unchecked (repeal w/o replace) may make things much worse 😉

  • KerryOkie Thank you, thank you. As erash says, the ACA is imperfect, but it allowed those of us with preexisting conditions of all sorts to be insured. This is not a matter of partisan politics but a matter of basic human rights. All of us need access to affordable health care.

  • Done.

  • This is so important. I did it. Thanks for the link!

  • Everyone- no matter what insurance you have MUST SIGN THIS for all of us who are uninsurable on the open market. I can't stand the 1 plan that was available to me but I had to have some drug coverage for my 14 prescriptions. Still fighting for Prior Authorization on most of them. They want me to try step therapy when I have already been on the medications for over 5 years! Please make your voice heard immediately and share the link!

    PLEASE Don't let us be forgotten - Tracy

  • I already heard back from the office of my congresswoman, Mia Love. She thanked me for "bringing this issue to her attention" and promised to note it as she represented our district! Of course, she is a politician, but I do like and think she will follow through.

  • Done

  • KerryOkie, Thanks, I took this important step.

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