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2020! Happy New Year!

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I have to be honest with you! I'm really glad 2019 is over! It's not been a so called great one for me. Seemed like every time I turned around, something was going wrong! And let's face it, fighting gets old quick! But the year is over! And I survived it!

And that's the thing...

Now I have this year! I'm gonna survive this one to!

You see, I have a secret weapon. Something MS doesn't have, never had!

All of You! I have always heard, stronger in numbers. Here it's a proven fact!

Thank you for that!

Wishing you All A MS Free Year!

Love you all! πŸ€—πŸ’•


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Happy New Year, Jesmcd2 May you not only survive but thrive! Together, we are all stronger! And Keep Smiling! :-D

Happy New Year to you as well. Hopefully this year will be better than the last one.

Happy New Year Jes!

Totally agree last year was not so good to me either 😐. Hopefully everyone is blessed with a healthy and happiness this year πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Ken 🐾🐾

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to Kenu

πŸ€—πŸ’• Kenu ~May You Always Be Wrapped In The Wings Of Angels~

you said it all ...thank you ....yes we have a new year to enjoy ...

Simply love the "Be Someone. . ." post! Happy New Year too! :)


Great post! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you

May this year be much better for you and the rest of us

Happy New Year! It's not only the beginning of a new year but a new decade. Prayers that this year is better for you, that you are able to live rather than just survive. πŸ’œ

2019 did have its ups and downs. I am like you in that I'm glad to start anew! VERY thankful of this group!

I agree and Happy New Year. I am also glad 2019 is over. Praying 2020 will be better. I believe it will. I have a good one. πŸ‘

Love & good wishes to you also Jes.

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