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Follow up today


Hi all! Hope you are all doing well. I go for my first follow up after my first two half doses today. Every time i go to my ms specialist i always get nervous and anxious maybe because i have only received bad news since going there. Supposed to also get bloodwork done today first time post infusion. Going to mention to my specialist about my throat feeling a bit tightness and strange when swallowing since two weeks after second infusion. It is not constant but i definitely want to bring it up. Not sure if its post nasal drip/allergies or from ocrevus side effect, just having ms or hopefully not from something else. Hoping he does not send me for any throat tests. Every time i go to a doctor lately i feel that i just find out more things wrong. I also have to have dental work done tomorrow for three fillings which i am a bit nervous about since it is in the location where i had my first episode of facial numbness that led to the diagnosis this summer. Afraid that the numbness wont go away from the novocaine or that it will be brought on again. Please keep me in your prayers that all goes well. Have been a bit busy lately with the kids and their appointments and work but always try to check in and read your posts whenever I get a few minutes. You are all in my prayers and i am blessed to have found this group of beautiful people 🙏

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You're in my prayers for great appointments. I can understand your nervousness, but we know God has this all taken care of, so I hope you can rest in that.

Please let us know how things went. You're one of those blessings you just wrote about!

mm1527mm in reply to greaterexp

Thank you for your encouragement! All went well at specialist. He does not believe the throat is from the ocrevus so that was good to hear.

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to mm1527mm

I'm so glad to hear it! Thank you for the update.


I know that feeling of finding things wrong, every time you go to the Dr! So have positive thoughts!!! ~May You Be Wrapped In The Wings Of Angels~🤗💕🌠

mm1527mm in reply to Jesmcd2

Thank you!! ❤️


You’re in my prayers mm1527mm So much going on right now in your life so I understand your anxiety. I would be the same, and I need to relax, so my loved ones say. :-D

mm1527mm in reply to carolek572

Thank you!! 😀

Hope it all works out the best for you. I to sometimes dread going to see the doctor just for him or her to tell me something else is broken.

mm1527mm in reply to Peruzzot

Thank you!

I am getting caught up with the messages. How did your appointments go?

The ms specialist went well! Just normal follow up bloodwork in december then mri and bloodwork two weeks before my next infusion in march. The dentist took 2 hours and 15 minutes for my three fillings but luckily i was hardly numb so no facial numbness issue! Thanks for asking!


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