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Post 527 A mistake I think 28 Sep 2019

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A mistake I think or at least not as clear as I should be. I shall try again. This is an incurable chronic, progressive condition, that is a fact. Do not believe me ask your, Doctor of choice and let me know what he or she says. Be warned if they know of a cure I will tell everybody. I am very good like that.

My mistake, I believe, was leaving "YOU" with the impression that I felt this is a totally bad thing. Bit of honesty here, which I will deny. It has actually been very good for me. Got me out of a marriage that I should not have been a part of. I think it has got me closer to my Mother. It has given me some direction in this, my life. Found all of "YOU" Most importantly reunited me wi, with She Who Must Be Obeyed. That can never be disputed and is worth any years with ms. I would never have met her again, but for elapsing-Remitting ms (RRms).

So "YOU" see there are good things. Very very good things, I bet "YOU" can find some in your life as well. It is not all bad. There are a few good bits. I was never promised an easy life, Ik, like "YOU" I was given a life. How well I live it and the hearts I touch is up to me. The same thing is true for "YOU".

RRms is it just is a part of it, no more no less. Like "YOU" I get to live through it, and I intend to live with a smirk on my face, not a scowl. "YOU" can as well.

Royce(the ms writer)

it is always your choice, what do you think you might choose?

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RoyceNewton I never thought you sounded like it was all bad. You give good advice to newbies and they might as well learn from the beginning that having MS is no cakewalk. I always felt that you say it like it is, no sugar coating or syrup to mislead others about some of the pitfalls of MS. Having MS is not a game and you can't fool around without having some form of DMT or you will dearly pay a prince. You also let people know that "It ain't all that bad" too, that there is hope and you will survive. Thanks for being here.

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RoyceNewton in reply to hairbrain4

my pleasure nice of you to say

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JTZES in reply to RoyceNewton


I believe I read that post and I felt it should have been posted here but in my response I believe I stated that is the way that healthcare providers should present it. That's where it gets sugar coated.

I do have regrets having the disease and the strain it has put on my family. I'm still breathing and somewhat active and have meet a lot of great people over this period of time so it's not all bad.

You help a great bit with post and comments.

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RoyceNewton in reply to JTZES

Thank you very mush

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I look forward to ur posts as they are realistic far better than some drs. tell it.

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RoyceNewton in reply to kycmary

thanks very much nice of you to say

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