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I have to get off this page and get about my day, but... Hmm do I fear death, no why would I fear it? Either there is nothing or a new adventure awaits and I am always up for adventures. I simply hope that if I need them, there are clearly marked toilets (bathroom) facilities. Of course, if there are no toilets and there is nothing, then there is no need to worry.

Now, being a burden that is a big one. I might suggest a real open and frank discussion with whomsoever "YOU" are going to be a burden on, how they feel about the situation. If they say "yes, YOU are a burden" perhaps "YOU" need to find somewhere else to be. If they say "no" verbalize your concerns and talk about ways now that the burden can be reduced. What strategies can be implemented to make life easier? I often look around the house and think of ways that I can make changes for both she who must be obeyed and myself to make life easier, IF... A little bit of preplanning can go a long way. We all know what can happen with this disease, so get ready for it. When it never happens, it was a good fun mental exercise, no more than that. If it does occur "YOU" are ready, no surprises, no problem. "YOU" can handle it.

Plan for what if, and do everything that "YOU" can to minimize that ever occurring. Look after yourself, stay as healthy as "YOU" possibly can. Live well and live smart.

Royce (the ms writer)

live well for that child's wedding in the future

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My fear is to be a burden to my loved ones, and yes, I do fear death. Well, not so much death but the fear that I will not finish all that I have set out to do before my demise. Can we go on to talk about a lighter subject, please? :-D

hey somebody started it not me

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to RoyceNewton

I know. I was just letting me know to stop sounding so serious :-D

u r forgiven :-)

I feel like a burden to my boyfriend and family 😭

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