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Not new to MS but new to this site


Just introducing myself....I was diagnosed with RR MS 22 years ago this month. I was 30 at the time...over the years I've been on a roller coaster of meds and treatments, but fortunately I never had be be hospitalized for MS. At the time of my dx I had a 2 yr old son (now he"s 24), then four years later I had another son (he'll soon be 20). They are my life! My husband of 26 years (who is pretty amazing too) has supported me from the beginning. I was a special ed teacher for 26 year but 2 1/2 yrs ago I had to take disability retirement. I've had/am having a full life despite the MS. IMHO MS is has always just been something I deal with and that's it, I refuse to let it become who I am.

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Hi Daisy, welcome. You can probably teach us all a thing or two having had ms for a few years, I love your attitude. Nice to meet you, Blessings Jimeka 🦋


Pull up a chair and have a look around Daisy52 we love new ppl! We love our old ppl too! 😂

Sry to hear that you had to go on disability. It's always hard. Are you on a DMT now for your MS?



Daisy52 in reply to Jesmcd2

Yes I've been on Gilenya for over 6 years.

I hated retiring b/c I loved my job and my students but I know it was for the best.

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to Daisy52

What grades did you work with? My 2 youngest daughters work in he school district. My youngest has been working with one child for 3yrs. And my middle daughter is a substitute teacher. 😊

I'm glad the gilenya is working for you!

How did you find us? In curious.😂🤣



PS my spelling stinks and I'm dyslexic! 🙈😂🤣 I'm make no more excuses😂🙄

Daisy52 in reply to Jesmcd2

My student were deaf. I have taught all grades. I spent many years with middle schoolers. But preschoolers and K-3 were my preferred ages, I loved them all though.

I hope Gilenya continues to work for me, my doctors (&I) are concerned because my lipid numbers are pretty low.

I'm not sure how I found the site, probably the internet.

Well, we're glad you found us!

Welcome to this forum, Daisy52 I have been in this forum since March 2018. When I think that I know everything about 'ms', not a day goes by where I learn something new. So, welcome, and I look forward to hearing more from you. :-D


Welcome! Thanks for your introduction and for your great attitude!


Hello and Welcome Daisy52 🌼🌼This is a great site and we are glad to have you join us. I pretty much always encourage new or newer members to read along, make comments, ask questions. make posts when you would like. Explore MSAA as there is a world of information and helpful aids. Although, with 22 years with MS, we might ask you some questions😊

This is so great to hear. I have two children one and two years old. I was just diagnosed in july after being hospitalized for my first flare up. Started treatment 1 week ago. Its nice to hear about people who have had children after diagnosis since I planned in having more before my diagnosis god willing. Have you been and are you on any dmt?

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to mm1527mm

mm1527mm It will be 3 yrs in Dec. that I was Diagnosed with "probable RRMS." I started Rituxan in July. I was 68, when my first symptoms started. Up until then, I had been a very active, healthy person.

I'm quite a bit older, but not the oldest person on this fabulous forum. My husband and I have 5 adult children between the 2 of us and 8 grandchildren. I have an incredible step-son from a prior marriage, If I include his children, the I would include him, his 3 adult children, and his 4 grandchildren, then I would say I have 6 children, 11 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. I think I am the only one of all of us that can keep that organized. That's because I keep track of the birthdays! That's the first time I have have ever said all of that on here.😊😊


welcome daisy,we look forward to hearing from you.This site reached out and grabbed me somehow too,I don't remember.This place makes me laugh at times and cry for a few bad experiences,but always full of good info!

I love this site people are really helpful and they always wish you luck and it's just great welcome

Welcome! I'm a decade older than you and had it about the same longer. The only hospital visit was my diagnosis stay where there was a failed attempt to reboot my immune system by killing it off? But, there I learned life can always be worse, there's always someone else far worse than you, and don't ever stop fighting it. I rode the m.s. train till I became "essentially comatose" for years after "retiring" from a very successful but very stressful career as engineer, manager of a fortune 500 company in a foreign country, then multiple business owner in a very stressful field. I consider myself to always have had a positive outlook, and took all the craziness M.S. threw at me as just another challenge that didn't stop me either. When I finally did agree to throw in the towel at the recommendations of my doc's, recoup what I could and sell my last business, shortly thereafter I went "comatose". Unable to read, watch tv, more less do anything physically. But, it also led me to nutrition. Started by juicing fruits and I'm doing it all, as long as it is unprocessed. I'm now without a relapse in over 50 years, my neuro believes I 'm done relapsing for good, as a few others he knows of who had it for many years..... On no meds for about the same. Healthy, with lots of m.s. baggage, but recently mounted the cane on the wall, no longer needing it, except to reach things from time to time. Walk at least 10K steps/day..... On and on. It's possible to get better, not worse with time. I preach It's what you eat, more than anything else. Yes It's hard. Not for those without a very strong will to do so,... Like pushing for years for steps when you can barely walk at all. The eating change needed, even harder, unless of course you do it like I, go comatose and stay thay way if you don't. Lots of talk on this site about diets, avoiding this and that, gut bacteria... All good. I simply ssentially simply eliminated processed foods. Anything with chemicals I can't pronounce, don't understand, or can't do naturally. Yes I use lemon or lime juice, fresh squeezed, to keep my avacado from browning from plating to serving....but that's about as processed as I do. Okay, I cut, peal, chop, saute....all that kind of stuff, but I use none of my 4 years of chemistry classes, nor allow chemists to prepare my food. I talk too much about this, but when you come back from the dead, and you realize how simple a slution it was, you want to shout out to everyone stop looking for that magic pill....the means is right there on your plate. Even things like the accumulated lost vision from 7x having had optic neurititis, all the optalmologists said, sorry, what's left after each episode, that's for life,..Gone! Okay, I have a gazillion items in my m.s. baggage I live with, but I continue to get better, not worse! Shut up already, self. You're rambling. No, it keeps me going strong. I tryke, kayak, fish...and forever keep walking. Not bad for someone who did things like kept on workin walking into walls, and climbing ladders arms only when the legs barely worked............................lots! YES....Never Let M.S. ruin your life. But, never stop fighting it either. Oh, I lied, I relapse about once a year or so, and dig out ond eat one of the frozen pizzas in the freezer. Mostly just look, reaching for the healthy stuff there, but I will actually take one before I toss them as they expire? Why toss them if You're not planning on eating them? I understand liking to look at your old favorite food....

Oh, and my daughter, the doctorate student in neuroscience, riding full scholarships for achievement, who knows more math than this retired engineer, teaches 7th & 8th grade math in Ft. Meyers! And loves it much better than altering brain chemistry a 1000 different ways in rats, documenting the behavioral changes, then slicing up their brains into wafer thin slices to study them. Math geek, keep it up!


Daisy, welcome! I have been on this forum since last December. The most important thing I learned about here is the book by Ann Boroch"Healing Multiple Sclerosis," so I would like to pass on this information.


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