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New to blogs, old in MS


I just signed up . After1/3 of my life with MS, the hard thing is writing in a blog. It is hard to type, so I use a microphone, I'm not even quite sure about where the tools are or how to do this. Pardon the spelling and punctuation errors. AutoCorrect is not my friend.

I'm 69 years old and I was diagnosed when I was 42, they say I could have had my first relapse/episode back when I was 27. When I was diagnosed, there was no medication, no DRTs . I am now on Tecfidera, after being on three previous drugs. MS was fairly quiet the first 10 or 15 years, but has really accelerated in the last five or seven. Getting older and having MS, it is hard to sort out what is what. I think I'm just trying to reach out to a bigger community in a new form.

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Hi! 👋🏼 Your microphone skills are just fine! 😉

Welcome to a wonderfully supportive group of "MS-ers" from all walks of life, all ages, and various years of experience with this disease. We are glad you decided to join us!

I've had MS for 12 years and have learned a great deal just by reading and sharing here over the past month. I wish I had done this a long time ago!! ...and I look forward to hearing about *your* experiences too! 😊

Best wishes,


YLGram in reply to Nom_De_Plume

Thanks so much. It's nice to hear from someone the on the other side. This whole blogging thing is really new for me. I'm glad the mic works. As I believe I've said, I've been diagnosed for 26 years (Aug. 13 1991). Had up and downs (the MS path) The last 7 to 9 years have been a slow downward slope. Started a new DMD on Christmas Eve (Tehfidera) and that seems to have slowed the progress. I spend a lot of my time quilting and when the eyes are working really well I can read too! Otherwise, I can just quilt (design, piece and machine quilt). I'm a retired professor of education, but since I've been sewing since I was five years old that seems to be what I go back too.

Nom_De_Plume in reply to YLGram


Quilting is a great skill to have!

I'm glad to hear that the Tecfidera is working for you. I hope you are able to take it and benefit from it for a long time to come. 😊

I hope you have met lots of friendly folks on this forum?...and that you'll post often! Whether it's your quilting skills or you background in education, I bet you have a lot to share! We're also a safe place to vent frustrations with MS. We do a lot of that too! Lol.

Great to meet you!

Lisa 🙋🏼

Welcome, YLGram ! I am 69 soon to be 70 and was diagnosed 30 years ago. You are doing just fine in your post! We don't sweat the small stuff here on our forum!

YLGram in reply to SueAB

Wow, this actually works. I am impressed. Funny when using the microphone what comes up on the screen. It is a lot like auto correct and it is crazy.. 30 years is even longer than mine, how are you doing.? Are you still on a DMT? I think ar our age sweating the small stuff is just so intense it takes too much work. My husband and I are into the no drama part of life. Cheryl

YLGram hi, I read your last post first. That's great that you have mastered the microphone, but like you, I dislike the predictive text. It's amazing what words it comes up with. At least you can keep in contact with us all. This forum has a great bunch of people on here, there is always someone around, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

Welcome and glad to meet you..


YLGram, I'm glad you found us! I'd never guess you have any issues using technology. I haven't found any spelling or grammar police here, for which I'm grateful!

I look forward to learning more about you and how you're doing.

Welcome, YLGram. Isn't technology great? Well, sometimes...😉...but how wonderful that you are able to keep in touch even when your fingers aren't working as you'd like. And don't worry about typos or anything else. We all do it...some of us more than others. 😊You don't know how many times I've caught a boo-boo just as I am pushing the 'submit' button. The brain lags behind a moment or so and I can't pull the finger off the submit button quick enough to not post it! (Did that make any sense?!?) Anyway, we forward to getting to know you better.💕

YLGram in reply to Tutu

Tutu, what does community advisor after your name indicate?

Tutu in reply to YLGram

YLGram, along with Jesmcd2 and Fancy1959, I help welcome new members and provide MSAA information as needed. But I kind of snicker at that last part. Jes is the tech-savvy one. I've been known to type in the wrong phone number! 😱 And I've been absent the past couple of weeks. My husband and I loved having our 3 grandsons (5, 7 and 10) visit twice over a span of two weeks, but it has taken me a LONG time to recoup.

But we're a warm and welcoming group. I'm sure you've already figured that out. 😉💕

That all made PERFECT sense. My husband's car has a touch screen display. Never had really been aware of how much my hands have micro tremers. My hands start to use his touch screen, boy has it sent us in interesting places on the SR(serious radio)---(microphone put sexy) stations anymore I avoid touching it. Give me push buttons any time!!

Welcome to our world. You came to an awesome place. Great people here. Make you feel welcome from day 1. Glad you found us.


Welcome!MS and age it sure makes me wonder on hormones and vitamins....Oh the auto correct can be foul its embarrassed me a lot.You have that mic thing down that I may give it a go.Well done!

I am sorry that you have MS you are not alone here we just let everyone know what is going on with our treatments what is working and what Is not. You came to the right place to let off steam. Oh and don't worry about spelling I also do the microphone and sometimes It doesn't look at all to what I said. LOL I had to diagnose my self back in 2004 and my neurologist said I may have had MS for 20 years before the diagnoses I am now 58 years old. Just wanted to say hello and welcome. I started taking Tecfidera in 2014, I am going to start taking the new medicine Ocrevus I think that's how it is spelled at the end of the month and will be taken off of Tecfidera my doctor doesn't want me to be on it that long. But likewe I was telling my husband in the beginning it was working I couldn't snap my fingers but with in a couple of weeks I could snap my fingers. One little bit of advice don't skip any doses. I set my phone alarm so I would remember to take it. Good luck and I'm sure

we will be talking.

Thanks for your nice words. Sometimes I type (now) other times there is no way. The odd things the mic thinks I said WOW!! I have learned how to have what I write read back to me by my Mac. That REALLY helps and makes me look like a mic pro.

Good luck on Ocrevus . So many new drugs out now. Hope you tolerate it well. Keep me posted. The Tecfidera seems to keeping the MS in check right now; been on it since Christmas Eve (that way I remember when). I'm never sure how much is MS and how much is just getting older. Today, all of my 69 years have caught up with me. My husband always says it's better than the other option.

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