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I'm new here...but not to MS!


Hello there. I am Cheryl, a 54 year old married woman living with MS since 2009. I love dogs and wish I had more than my 2. A 12 year old border collie mix and a 2 year old lord only knows what mix! I don't know what's in her for breeds but I love her just the same.

I am in my second year, including 6 months with nothing, of treatment with Tysabri. I have many problems and issues but I won't go into them here.

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Welcome to the forum!

Welcome. The 2 yr old is a Heinz 57. I hava an 8yr old Old English Bulldog and a 3 yr old Yorkshire Terrier. They're inseparable. I was on Tysabri for 3 yrs. Now I'm on Ocrevus. I loved the TY.

May I ask why you went off the Tysabri?

You know how you get 3 really good weeks out of each Tysabri infusion. I was down to only getting about one decent week.

Aha. I am just starting to keep track of that. Thanks.

How long have you been on Tysabri?

Yes 1.5 years sounds right. I am up for corresponding with you. How did you do the private thing?

Did you get my message about how to reply.

Hi and Welcome!!! 😊❤🌷

Hi, we have lots of dog/ cat lovers on here, so please post a picture of your 2 furry friends, maybe we could have a go at guessing what breed your dog is. Welcome and feel at home, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫

Iona60 in reply to jimeka

Great idea about guessing the dog breed.

Welcome! feel free to share, ask and vent. Nobody will judge on this forum.


Welcome to a great group. Thanks for your introduction. It's so nice to get to know one another and offer support for one another.


Glad you found us. Even tho' I've not met any people here in person, they are all friends. Happy that you could join us!

caboyson Welcome to this forum. You can certainly get into anything and everything that you wish to share with this forum. We are all in it, get it, and together we are stronger! So, again, welcome, and

Keep Smiling,

Carole :-D

Welcome to the group.

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