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am I over reacting?

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I am having my 1st full treatment of Ocrevus on jan 16.I have been going to my neuro. for 4years and he is 70 miles away for me.They are now closing down the interstate I use to get there for 2 years and I have to be there at 7am,so I emailed them and asked if I could have this treatment locally,(that's is the quickest way to to get a response)His asst responded that maybe I should find a local neuro,since the interstate is going to a problem the next 2 years, that I obviously would not be able to keep further apptsI had a melt down on email for making that decision for me. I got him to respond and he told me he cannot let me have that treatment in my hometown,since I had a reaction the 1st time I need to be near him,that's all he needed to communicate, I can find my way to him,and robo call told me I need lab work that morning at 6am contacted dr he said I don't need it I had it less than a year ago.I am having this done then looking for new neuro,a shame I like him Over Reaction?

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pamgarner Overreacting? No, not in my book! I can not understand why medical providers cannot factor travel distance into their scheduling. I constantly struggle to get appointments scheduled for mid day, trying repeatedly to explain to disinterested folks that asking me to be somewhere at 7 or 8 a.m., means living my house at least two hours earlier to allow both for my impaired gait and long commute, even longer in bad weather. Surely they could schedule patients who live nearby for the earliest slots and those who must commute for later? It doesn't seem too much to ask at all. So vent away, just don't hurt your foot stomping or your larynx screaming!!!

I understand your frustration, but if he's a good doctor and you trust him, I'd think again about trying to switch. Sometimes office staff can unwittingly give a doctor a bad reputation by their manner. That said, if you can find another good neuro and infusion center closer to you, it may be worth at least looking into. I wish well with your next infusion.

No, it stinks. A good neuro is hard to find. I would consider how often I would need to make the drive before trying to find a new MD. I usually get offered several time slots and dates to choose from when I schedule my appointments, and if not, I ask.

Pamgarner, it's Fancy1959. Finding a neurologist you like and trust is priceless. On top of that he has managed to get you on ocrevus which isn't always the easiest therapy to get approved for. What would you rather do, suffer the inconvenience and have to find a way to get to him for the next two years. That boils down to you having two inconvenience yourself for the next six to eight times you see him and stay with someone you like and trust. Or go out into the jungle of neurologist out there and try to find another one that comes up to his standards. It's a personal choice you will have to make on your own. I know I would choose getting the best treatments with the best doctor I can find. My health is worth the inconvenience to me. What is most important to you? Your time or your trust and therapy that a good doctor has provided you? As I see it that's what it boils down to. I hope it helps to look at it so simplistically. Take care and good luck with your decision. Remember together we are stronger. Fancy.

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I take the inconvenience. My neurologist is 1.5 hours from me. I have been with her since 2000 or 1998. I tell them I need 1 pm appointment because driving far and make appointment when I am there. It is easy to cancel an appointment. And I will not change. But I do have a local neurologist near home I seen twice and one time during a hospital stay when they discover I don’t clot; platelet aggregation disorder. So in emergency, I will see the local person but just that one time when I was in the hospital and follow up. Good Neurologist-priceless.

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