Had MRI today and received call from Dr. soon after receiving results

My MRI appointment was for 1pm today and I was out of there about 2pm. By 3:30pm my family doctor called with results because I need to see a Neuro Surgeon ASAP because I have severe stenosis and the bulging disk in my lower back is bulging! I was in shock and still am after getting off the phone with my doctor. Who knows how long I have to wait until I hear from a Neuro Surgeon as it seems it takes forever to get into a specialist around here but maybe since he said ASAP it will be just that? Doctor asked if I have lost control of my bladder or bowel and I told him no. He said if that happens, I need to go to the ER IMMEDIATELY!!

Never heard of stenosis before, so I will looking online to see if I can figure out what the heck it is.


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  • Gee...as you if MS isn't enough...but relieved you know what has been causing the pain. Our neighbor has it and has had surgery. Said surgery relieved his excruciating pain. Hope you hear sooner than later, bxrmom. 💕

  • I am sorry for all you are going through I am happily surprised and pleased your doctors are working with each other. If your doctor tells you to go to the ER do it. Be safe and think positive.

  • bxrmom at least now you know the reason for all the leg pain you have suffered. There is a very high success rate with the surgery, it is nice to think that you may be able to walk your dog 🐶 without having such pain. You said in a previous post, I think it was you, that you trust your doctor, so think positive. Keep us posted, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • jimeka i do trust my family doctor. Just hope he has a neurosurgeon that he trusts as much to help. Will definitely keep everyone updated.


  • @bxrmom


    I am sorry the news seems so frightening! 😬 I am happy for you that you had the MRI and now have an answer! 🙏🏻 praying that this means relief will soon follow!

    I believe the stenosis here is a narrowing of the area around and including the spinal cord. This seems to be caused by the vertebral disk bulging and pushing into that area. Have you looked it up already? That’s the general idea.



  • On no! I hope you get to see a specialist soon. 😘

  • Thanks so much kdali . I hop do too. This has gone on for way too long.


  • bxrmom

    Sounds like doc is concerned about cauda equina syndrome, pressure on the tail of the spinal cord that can cause incontinence (bowel/bladder), severe leg weakness. Can be an URGENT issue that needs to be addressed by neuro surgeon. Stenosis, narrowing of the spine, trauma, slipped discs can cause.

    Hope you get into the neuro surgeon soon. Wishing you the best.

  • erash Thanks, I couldn't remember the name of what he called loosing control of bladder/bowel. Dr's nurse called this morning and I have an appointment with a Neuro Surgeon on November14th! Now that I have the name and number of the surgeon, I will call tomorrow or Friday to see if they have any cancellations sooner that that.

    My boyfriend and I have been hoping to go visit family early next month, so I don't know if that will happen or not.


  • Bsrmom: You are in my prayers. Like MS isn't enough. The Lord is with you every step of the way. God's Peace

  • So sorry to hear this. I’m still waiting. Called yesterday and my ‘review ‘ still wasn’t done. Here’s hoping that one of us gets help soon. Dpjinx

  • Dpjinx I'm sorry your review was not done yet when you called. I hope that it is done soon so you know what the next step is.


  • bxrmom , I too have spinal stenosis. It's common as we age and its a narrowing of the spinal canal. Sometimes the narrowing can impinge on nerves and cause pain. Bulging or herniated discs occur when the spongy material between the vertebrae either deteriorates or becomes displaced so the vertebrae can rub together and cause pain. MS doesn't help and can actually speed up the process. I have pretty bad spinal stenosis in the lower lumbar, sacral and caudal spine, and many herniated discs in the cervical spine. About a year ago I fractured my L-1 in an equestrian accident and was treated by a neurosurgeon but I didn't need surgery and it healed on its own although I now have arthritis there. I will not allow anyone to touch my spine unless it's a matter of life or death. I have been seeing a pain specialist and am now undergoing a series of epidural injections to quiet the nerve pain and it seems to be working. DON'T PANIC! It is not an uncommon thing and doesn't necessarily require surgery. In fact, I would see an orthopedic dr. first and see what they say, but if you do see a neurosurgeon and they want to do surgery right away then get another opinion. There are many non-surgical options to try first. Good luck!

  • Thanks Sukie427 I'm hoping for a back injection first instead of surgery. Back surgery is so scary. Have heard so many horror stories than success.


  • Bxrmom. I've had 2 discocetomys. Removed 2 disc and a spinal fusion in 2004 and same things in 2006 due to deteriorating disc disease. Was told last year I had a bulging disc and needed another surgery and fusion but my orthopedic surgeon recommended only doing another surgery if it got debilitating. I also have had spinal stenosis for years. Had several epidural over the years that didn't seem to help. But had severe pain in my left leg for months. Due to stenosis and my Dr did a nerve blocking injection in Feb that has worked wonders. I occasionally have a little trouble but usually temporary pain. So from advice of my surgeon and my own experience back surgery is a last resort. My ortho is also my pain management specialist who I've been with since 2007. In other words I've been in pain management since my last surgery if that tells you anything. Best of luck to you and god bless.


  • I've been without wi-fi this last week and am so sorry to be reading what's happening to you. Hang in there! 😀❤️

  • Thanks BigMar7, I'm trying to hang in there and take it easy.


  • I hate it when doctors say things in such a scary manner! As if we aren't freaked out enough already! The good thing about all this is at least they know what is going on and know what to do about it. I think the worst is when they don't know.

  • mrsmike9buffering I'm just glad that my doctor called right away to tell me what was going on and then had an appointment for me with a neurosurgeon. I hate having to wait until an appointment to get the results, which would have been yesterday. Some people I know have to wait a week or more to go see their dr for results.


  • bxrmom , I’ve finally had a busy week and neglected my Ms family I had severe spinal stenosis caused by arthritis and a bulging disc in the early 1990’s. I learned a great deal and like the others hope and pray you get healing relief soon. I had a discectomy in January 1999, it soon became obvious that I would be considered permanently disabled. I was in continuous pain and vertebrae facets continued to fracture because of arthritis. Not to scare you, but to encourage you to not give up. At 50 yrs old, I thought life was over. I started working out, strengthening my abs, body and mind! Still in daily pain, I started riding a road bike 🚴🏽. Since then I had my lumbar back area fused and continued to get back onto the bicycle pain free. We figured from 2000 until June 28, 2016, I rode over 60,000 miles!! Then MS got me. Just a suggestion, as you see a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon, you are looking for their help, but this is your chance to interview them about what exactly they plan to do surgically, compare their idea of the results with your expectations. Before your appointment, Check them out on the Internet. You can check where they went to school, what doctorates they have, and maybe patient reviews. I have never regretted checking out my second back surgeon as it built my confidence in the procedure. I have been pain free since that Dec. 2011 Fusion surgery! Blessings, Lynn

  • Thanks so much CalfeeChick for your insight to your experience with spinal stenosis. I have had my bulging disk and back problems since I was about 18 - 20 years old (20 years). I must have done something to really aggrivate the day that I spent in bed last month with a really bad headache.


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