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blessings jar

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I decided starting jan 1 2019,I am keeping a blessings jar.Everyday I will put a blessing on a strip of paper from that day even if I can't think of anything but I am thankful I am still breathing,have a roof over my head, have the cleanest drinking water in this world,put it in the jar and when I am having a real rough day pull them out and read them and write them in a journal.remind myself I still have mannyyy blessings:)

6 Replies
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Good idea Pam. Hope you get lots of blessings in 2019, Jimeka 🦋

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That is a good idea

nicoly3467 profile image

That’s a great idea for appreciation of the smallest things in daily life.

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Love the idea! Something to think about! I think someone else is doing that also? You could start a group pamgarner ☺️ and when someone is down, another can lift them up!🤗💕


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Good idea. We should all have a full jar. No matter how bad our days get still breathing is a blessing by itself.Happy New Year and have a blessed year.


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Fantastic idea! ☺

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