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MS ID card follow up with on how to get one

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I contacted the National Multiple Sclerosis Society about the MS ID card here is the information I was given below

An MS ID Card is a card that indicates a person has MS, with vital personal information on one side, and information about symptoms to help explain a person’s physical behavior (i.e., I’m not intoxicated; I have MS) on the other side.

While the National MS Society does not offer MS ID Cards, we are aware of another national nonprofit organization that meets this need.

Presently, the Rocky Mountain MS Center offers an MS ID Card to persons living with MS nationwide. There is a small processing fee of $10 for the card. Please contact the Rocky Mountain MS Center directly at 866-557-7030 or visit their website to learn more:

MS ID Cards : Rocky Mountain MS Center

Below is the link to the website

I hope this information is helpful. If you have any other questions or concerns, please call 1-800-344-4867 to speak to an MS Navigator, Monday-Friday (7am-5pm MT), or email us at

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Great work 👍Thanks for the information ℹ️. May come in really handy 👍🙏😊 Ken 🐾

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rjoneslaw in reply to Kenu

I plan to call on Monday I was told there used to be two different cards one for law enforcement and one if there is no public restroom.

After looking at the card I started thinking I could make my own card and save my $10

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kris1973 in reply to rjoneslaw

rjoneslaw I’ve made badges b4 by using a business card template - printing the info on photo paper & then covering it with packing tape. Looks just like was laminated & holds up well. Thinking it might be a good idea for my husband to have a similar card in his wallet saying his wife has MS in case of an emergency (& listing an alternate contact). I would include on mine that my list of meds (& the times I took them) is on an app on my phone. -Kris

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rjoneslaw in reply to kris1973

That’s a good idea to add that on as well

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Thanks for that info rjoneslaw !!!

I kinda agree, make your own? 🤣😂. Then mail them to kris1973 to cover them!🤣🤗💕


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rjoneslaw in reply to Jesmcd2

Sounds like a plan to me

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kris1973 in reply to Jesmcd2

Jesmcd2 My girls would do it but probably charge a fee...go figure😂

The upside of paying for a card could be that it looks official. It’s a pity that one of the main MS groups doesn’t have this service. Rocky Mountain may be recognized in the MS community but may not sound official to others.

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kris1973 in reply to Lilith08

Lilith08 Very true.They would be so cheap to make in bulk. They would look MUCH more official with MSAA on them and came in the mail with our Motivator magazine. Jesmcd2 Thoughts? (Right back atcha😂) -Kris

Figures the ms society doesn’t offer these cards.

Ten dollars for one card?

No thanks!!

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rjoneslaw in reply to Momjules

If you have seen the card you can make 1 yourself for $2 if that. I called to get the application and I knew it wasn't worth $10.

The card doesn't give you any special privileges.

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