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Cane v walker Which do you choose?


Cane v walker which do you choose?

I have the walker in the pic but I also have a gel handled cane

I refuse to use the walker only because I feel I’m going down in ability to be independent

Don’t get me wrong I have the scooter for when I have to go far

The walker in the pic is called a U-Step. It was create specificly for people with MS and Parkinson’s. The creator family member had Parkinson and wanted something that would help with gait and correct it at the same time.

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It has a battery pack? rjoneslaw My opinion is that you use what you need for the situation.?. I have a cane, but use it when I know I'm going to need it. Long distance, uneven ground. I had a cheap Walker once. It went flying down to the basement, never to be seen again. 🤣😂 But I know my time will come.😐 🤗💕


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No there isn’t a battery


That's the snazziest walker I've ever seen! I have a rollator, but haven't used it yet, even though I should have on a few occasions.

I love the pictures, BTW!

I use a cane for now but I like the idea of a seat on some of those walkers.

I love my walker, for more balance & especially when my knees & ankles are goin out latley, but do use 2-canes occassionally. 😀

I use a forearm crutch, and like Jesmcd2 I refuse to use a walker! It's too cumbersome for me right now, but let me assure you, my time to use one is coming. I see one advertised that is for more of an upright walking. I really dislike the ones that force you to walk all hunched over. :-D

With the walker it is advised that you not lean over. People who have more likely never saw a pt to show them how to use it correctly

That's nice to know, and I will remember that when I start to use one! :-D

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