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Mobility compromised

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Hello...i am new here. I have all thr symptoms of MS but all the testing did not indicate that i have it. My brain scan diagnosis was chronic small vessel ischemia. But after a bout with flu...suddenly i began falling down and my feet aNd legs numb.....i am still very unsteady i progressed from a cane to a walker..without it i have fallen and broken bones.

Anyone else have similar? Or even misdiagnosis with the small vessel???

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I am sorry 😐 that you have fallen so hard that you have broken bones. When I went to find out was going on I had 2 MRI then I had a spinal tap which is pain full but that confirmed that I had MS.

I do have one thing to say when they say lay flat on your back for 2 to 3 days do it because I didn’t and I had the worst migraine headache ever. I do hope you find out what is going on with your body.

Good luck ssdw1958.

Beebd, First & Foremost I want to give you a very warm welcome to our family of True Warriorz! 💗💙💛😍 That really does sound a lot like M.S. Maybe you need another opinion from a good M.S.Spwcialist Neueologist. Of course you'll need the MRI w/contrast & a spinal tap for your Oglicliconical Bands, but some of us have M.S. +other diseases on top of it., so definatley your very welcome to the bestest, most supportive family on the net!👍👍👍 Blessings to ya!🌹💜Jazmine Rose

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Welcome Beebd I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well.🙁 And hope you get better soon! ☺️

Diagnosing MS can be tricky, as Drs rule out everything else 1st, and it mimics so many other things. And believe me, no one wants MS!

Be your own advocate tho, and keep track of everything that is happening with you. A journal helps along with... My MS Manager

Please be careful and don't fall anymore! 🤗💕


I had to Google small vessel ischemia, so obviously I won’t be speaking from experience. 🙂 From what I read, it can affect mobility as well.

Was your brain scan an MRI, or something else? What kind of doctor have you seen?

While there may be a small overlap in symptoms, it seems that MS symptoms are much more varied—anything from fatigue and heat sensitivity to blurred vision, bladder issues, and nerve pain.

Now, I am not a doctor but I have two thoughts to offer. First, it’s possible to have symptoms of MS before it ever shows up on an MRI or in a spinal tap. So just because you don’t have the evidence doesn’t mean you’re just imagining your symptoms. So keep an eye on things.

Second, while it’s bad enough to think of having just one chronic condition, it’s of course possible to have more than one. So if your scan clearly shows signs of another condition that makes sense with your health history AND you have other signs that something else could be at play (like MS), could it be possible that both things are true?

I hope you are able to find answers. Living in mystery can be just as difficult as getting a diagnosis.

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Beebd, it's Fancy1959. Have sworn I replied to the post several days ago but I guess my notebook ate the reply before it sent it to you. It's happened before!

I had an MRI scan after I developed extreme weakness on my right side and even worse balance. They found a large lesion on Monday to C3 location and I was sent to both a surgeon for a consult and also sent to a neurologist. They knew I was showing neurological symptoms but they didn't know exactly what was wrong with me. Normally as my doctor explained it seems MS becomes the catch all disease that doctors tentatively diagnosed you as having because it has such a variety of symptoms.

Auto immune diseases like MS, diabetes, lupus, just to name a few run in families and if someone in the family has diabetes it sets the whole Gene pool to be set up for a weakness that will allow autoimmune diseases to come into the family line. My dad had diabetes and I have three siblings that are fighting diabetes as well. Then lucky me, got MS even though no one else that I can find in my family tree had it before. Sometimes an unfortunate family member can come down with two immune diseases at the same time.😭

MS symptoms are brought about when your central nervous system is attacked by your immune system. Multiple sclerosis literally means multiple scars. When your problems come to light with your vision problems, or your nerve pain, bladder issues comma Etc they happen because your immune system has guard up your mylan and the central nervous system is having trouble sending signals to the affected areas unless they stopped working correctly. So therefore I would have to say that once you start showing symptoms of MS be it fatigue or balance issues or nerve pain, you already have scarring that has taken place to cause such issues. And that scarring would show up as white spots or lesions in your brain or on your central nervous system. So the answer to your question is no I do not believe you can have symptoms before you show scarring. I went to a talk from a neurologist talked about this very thing. But to be 100% sure you need to talk to your neurologist because we are not doctors in this chat room we just share experiences with you.

I hope some of this helped to resolve your confusion and not make you even more confused. I look forward to getting to know you better because I am certain there is much we can learn from each other. Until we speak again please take care and remember together we are stronger! Fancy.

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