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How MS affects friendships

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Saw this immediately said yep

Thanks for the virtual friendship!!!!

You save me from going crazy.

Great laughs, advice, discussions, prayers, and anything else I forgot.

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Back at you rjoneslaw, I love your posts. Christmas hug 🎄 🤗 Jimeka

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I love this!! 🤗💕


So true Have a Merry Christmas and what ever else you celebrated 🌲🙏🎉🎁😊🎈🎂😀🛷🎅🌸

That's so true! And thank you for your wonderful contributions to discussions here! Have a marvelous Christmas!

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Reminds me of the science experiment that I did when I was younger. Take a pot and fill it with water. Sprinkle pepper on the surface of the water. Then take a bar of soap, and dip a part of it in the water. Watch how the soap repels the pepper. Well, I am the soap, and the pepper represents all my friends! :-D

I have the same aversion to soap, my friend, however, ... LOL

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carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to MS_Indestructible

HA! :-D

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And thank you for being my vfriend, rjoneslaw :-D

Love this rjoneslaw Thanks so much for sharing!


Wow, that is so sadly, true! And as has been said, this group/site has been my Savior..

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BigMar7 in reply to Juliew19673

Mine too Juliew, Merry Christmas! 😀❤️🎄🎁

I want one!!! Where can we get one?

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rjoneslaw in reply to Peruzzot

Maybe if you do a google picture search it will give you the site that sells it. There are several vendors for the shirts that it’s hard to keep track who sell what. If I come across the site I’ll let you know.

I totally agree. The new medical situation has created so many surprises in my life. I am still alive. I fight day and night. Life is worth the fight.

Have a merry christmas .


Those words are so true..hurts but so true. Thanks for sharing and I too am so thankful we all found this forum. Virtual or not it's very real. Merry Christmas and Peace and Blessings for this holiday season 😊🙏😊

Thanks, so true!👍🎁💝 sad but true! That's why I love my V fam.💖💘😸🐾🐈😺😻😀😃😄🎁💝Love Ya!❤---Jazzy🌹💜

Friends for ever, stay healthy everyone 🙂🙂

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