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How has MS affected you emotionally?


How has MS affected you emotionally?

I ask because I’m starting to see a lot of post with people having a hard time. I figured it would be a good topic to help someone out who doesn’t know what to do .

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Emotionally?! Ptthh😝 I go off the handle, loose it, on who? The one living with me#!😡😕 & I think he's really close to leaving me, he's got a whole lot of $$$$ $tashed, I counted it!!!😡😕😪😭😥💔💔 I'm so sick of breaking his heart!! & him saying I'm evil & do Not blame the M.S., he says it's been since we met!! Well, I've had it since 20 years old, I think!! Maybe, he's right, I am Damaged goods & what happens to that?!?!? It goes to the junk-yard && gets tossed away or destroyed!! IDK!😪😭😡 just tired latley! & i don't feel good either!! Such babies whenever they're sick sometimes, or overly grouchy!😛😝😜pttth,no offence to brothers in here!! bad night for me, O guess I better grin & bare it again!!!😄😃😀😰😶 I feel like sumtimes my emotions have been destroyed by M.on.Ster too! Yukky, it sux so bad!!! It is nice to get off my chest to those (FamilyHere) who gets it!!💓🎁💝💚💗Love Ya! & I guess Prayers🙏R needed!

jimeka in reply to Jazzihorsecat

🤗 🦋🙏 🌈 😊

Jazinco First of all, you are NOT damaged goods or a throw away. Each human is possessed of a divine spark powering us in everything we do. Some of us are created and shaped to be introverts, others (as you seem to be) are extroverts: vibrant, effusive, ebullient and vivacious spirits. Both types, and every variation thereof, are necessary to create a community, a union, a relationship, a family. Hang in there dear friend. We love hearing your vital voice here!

Awwe, thanks goatgal💗👍👋😀 that helped. & I love u all too!💖💗😻👋💐Blessings--Jazzy🌹💜

ah yeah,wish someone would tell me how to not cry at the drop of a hat.And amusingly I tend to get worse around the full moon.part werewolfe I guess. I told my dr that he looked at me like I was turning into one when I told him that. My hubby is so used to it, when I start having a meltdown, he will ask is it the full moon? such surprises with this disease, I am not emotional enough! gotta laugh or you will cry,of that's what we are trying to stop huh? Just do what's you gotta do

kdali in reply to pamgarner

I use to not work full moons because of the nonsense that would arrive at the hospital. Its a thing.

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to kdali

I can tell when it's a full moon from post's kdali 😄 and sometimes will check to see if there was even a solar flare. NOT that post are bad, just a bit off. Even mine.😞🤗💕


kdali in reply to Jesmcd2

Hah! I bet you can, I’ll have to pay attention next time!

Most of the time the answer to that question depends on my level of fatigue or intensity of symptoms. I do try to self check my behaviors more often during those times because no one deserves my msbs and I don’t want to be that person, because I am not that person. Just being more aware can prevent the downward spiral. Once I’m in a bad way, I have found that letting my husband know my difficulty and checking out for a while or the day is helpful.

Having said all that, it’s been a long time since I was there, thank goodness.

I am constantly struggling.

Bigger swing mood and greater nausea as I’m expecting my 2nd baby 👶Thanks for asking.

At least I don’t go to the hospital for the Monster treatment rather I feel like the ghost 👻 of the maternity.

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