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Best Early Gift ever!

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The follow-up visit with the surgeon went well. I met my goal to come with a walker, learning in the process just how much energy is required to: traverse 30 feet of ramp, transfer to a low slung car, travel 30 miles, get into an elevator, up on an Xray table, etc. and stop at the grocery store to resupply the larder on the way home! I slept 10 hours last night (which is almost unheard of). The surgeon has not discharged me; I see him again in February. In the meantime, I hope that the edema will reduce enough that I can get a shoe on my foot because: I no longer need to wear the 3# boot! Yippy kay yay!!! I will continue with PT for gait training without the boot or walker. Since I have a history of rejecting internal fixation, he is keeping a close eye on the screws and plate: the bone is not filled in yet around the screws, but the bone fragment that sheared off and was too thin to fix shows signs of filling in, so all is as well as can be at this point. I am very happy indeed (in addition to being well rested and eager to see what the PT can teach me!)

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Congratulations On your progress keep up the good work. But don’t over do it. 😊😀😃👍

That's marvelous! You can look back now at all you've accomplished and say, "Wow!"

Keep it going, and thank you for the update!

congrads keep it up

Congrats 🎊🎉🎈. Hope things continue to get better 🙏👍. Ken 🐾🎄⛄️

❤YaY! Congrats goatgal, Mazel Tov!🙏👍❤💙💖 Keep us posted on more progressing gifts!🎁💝 oh happy day!😃😄Love Ya!💙---Jazzy🌹💜

Oh Goatgal I am so pleased for you, you should be very proud of yourself. You have stuck at it and your determination has paid off. Pat on the back me old dearie, well done. Big hug blessings Jimeka 🤗

I'm so happy for you. Congratulations! 😊❤🌷

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So happy to see that your recovery is progressing well. Stay on that road and soon you’ll be doing the happy dance!

Keep Smiling,

Carole :-D

Great news, happy holidays to you.

That is awesome! Just get better and better!

Yeah! So glad you are making good progress! I am also glad the doctor is keeping a close eye on things. So yeah to the doctor as well!

mrsmike9buffering The surgeon on call the day I came in to the ER is a pediatric surgeon with an expertise in scoliosis...but all the children I have seen in the office during my visits have had broken arms or legs. After my third visit with the surgeon, I wrote him a note to tell him how I admire his ability to interact with the little ones. The children are brave until they need an xray or their cast sawed off, but he crouches to make eye contact with them, jokes with them, and reassures them. They always look crestfallen afterwards when he tells them and their parents "no recess or P.E." for a while but they are always smiling when they leave the office. This warmth and empathy is a gift, and I wanted to tell him so...and that even though I'm no kid, I'm glad he was on call when I fell! My sister has scoliosis, terribly painful and difficult for her now in her own old age. I only wish she were a child he could help!

My youngest son had scoliosis. He had, pretty much his entire spine fused at the Shriners hospital in Chicago. We adopted him from Russia when he was 5. He had a body brace until his back got so bad they decided to do the surgery. I remember when I saw him in the ICU after the surgery and I realized I had never seen him straight. He grew 4 inches just from the surgery and being straightened! The doctors there only work with kids and they were wonderful.

mrsmike9buffering Our parents knew she had scoliosis before she went to school but they didn't do anything for her, telling her to just stand up straight, and believing she would outgrow it. Now it it so bad that it is affecting her rib cage as well as causing constant pain. She is paying the price for their poor decisions.

That is to bad. I know it can affect lungs, too.

That is wonderful! And too finding out how exhausting, simple tasks can be, it's helpful when you know.

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goatgal in reply to Juliew19673

Thank you! All learning is good...and in my case, humbling!

You are amazing goatgal! I'm glad it went well.


Fantastic!!! 🎉🎉🎉 You have done so well 😍 A+++ patient!

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