Hoping to Build Strength & Stamina

I spend most of my time in the wheelchair. Yes, I can walk a little with the aid of a walker. My longest walk lately was about 30 yards with the walker and person for safety. Two weeks ago I started going to the pool for walking and an exercise class for seniors. First time went ptretty well. I didn't walked but did exercise for about 10 minutes. Second time I walked about six times across and return. Then rested until class started. I couldn't do it. Then I literally didn't have enough steps left to walk up the ramp to get out of the pool. The lifeguard hd to almost lift me over to my chair. It was very hard. So tomorrow I go for a third time. My plan is to just walk this time and don't try to do the exercise class. We will see how it goes tomorrow. Hoping for the best.

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  • I hope tomorrow goes better for you tellnhelen. When I volunteered at the NMSS years ago, they had a great pool program for people with MS. It was amazing how people who couldn't walk on land could walk in the water. Maybe pacing yourself, as you mentioned, will work better for you. Hope so!

  • Best to you, let us know how it goes.. start slow and work your way to more stamina for the class. See you here soon..

  • Like the others said, take it slow. Slowly work up to the class maybe. You get to meet new people and maybe make new friends!

  • Just an fyi. Made many close friends through water aerobics. Many in far worse shape than me. I am able to recognize just how fortunate I am.

  • tellnhelen l give you kudos for going! Walking in water is very difficult, even though it doesn't seem like it at the time. Keep up the great work!


  • Hi tellenhelen

    I have been doing water aerobics for 8 years, paid for by MS Society.

    When doing it, feels great, but doing it gradually enables u to figure out just how much u can do.

    Hang in there

  • I'm doing pretty well, but balance problems still problem. I take Ampyra also and my legs have gotten strong. Multiple docs have told me the strength in my legs has mostly kept me out of scooter and wheelchair. I'm always bored by water aerobics, but know it's made me more flexible and able to bend more. I've had 2 major back surgeries in last 13 months and water aerobics has kept me mobile.

  • Hi, my walking strength is much better now than previous years. I was tested 2 years ago prior to Ampyra aND needed 25 seconds to walk a measured distance. I can now walk it in just under 11 seconds.

    No improvement in balance. Came through 2 major back surgeries and doc and I feel water aerobics strengthened me to help during 2 painful recoveries.

    I wear a fitness tracker and walk 3,000 to 7,000 steps daily.

    I can now get in and out bathtub.

    I'm not good about pushing myself. I can rationalize anything.

    I've only had a couple of falls and recovered fast.

    Hope this helps

    P.S. Still dislike water aerobics, but made lots of friends on classes.

  • Hi purpletustin Thanks for checking on me. I had my third pool exercise this week. Since I could barely get out of pool last time,I cut way back this time. The good news is that the pool lift is now working so geting in/out is not a problem. I did about 10 laps walking in the water. It took about 20 minutes I was tired but not exhausted and did n't have the same level of achyness as last time. Will be going again next Wednesday. Think I going to follow you walking with a fitness tracker next week. Good idea.

  • So glad to hear it's been easier on you. Hope you get the tracker. It's made me more accountable and I don't 'blow off' walking the way I used to. Also, I monitor my sleep with my tracker. I started to see patterns in my sleep schedule and was then able to make some adjustments. Didn't know one of the pills I took at night acted as a stimulant. Changed it to take in the a.m. and it now works better.

    take care and keep a positive attitude. Florence

  • tellnhelen Hey! Just wondering how your latest trip to the pool went? Pace yourself. When I started exercising again I did too much and was barely able to make it to the car afterward, not smart...

  • Tellnhelen, hi, it's Fancy1959 wading in on you water aerobic dilemma. I honestly don't feel any better exercise and exercise done in the water. It protects the hard impact of normal exercise on your joints in the same time adds a resistance level on your entire body. I congratulate you for making such a commitment and working so hard to achieve your goal of walking again. Having said that I believe sometimes we can put the cart before the horse. Perhaps it would be wise to start on some type a exercise that does not like demand so much of your body and build up to water aerobics.

    My three sons bought me a used but almost brand new recumbent bike for Christmas. This thing has all the bells and whistles but I don't know how he is. What I have been doing is working 30 minutes most nights on it to build up my leg muscle. And guess what I am starting to see results in the fact that I had dark elixir fluid around my ankle and my hands and wrists. Since I'm doing it working in life. I'm very pleased. I also have noticed a difference in my legs variability be picked up by theirself I love you improved markedly. Just a thought that perhaps you could start on something would you just on your legs and I'll have to worry about body resistance. Then too, because you're not in the water, you will not worry about the consequences of having to struggle to finish what you're working on before you totally give out. I got my recumbent bike off of Craigslist and paid less than $200 for it and it was barely used when I bought it.

    I would never want you to decide not to do it water aerobics I would just like you to put it on the shelf a month or two and give yourself a chance to build up bit of strength and stamina before you add the water resistance to your exercise program. Please take care of yourself and let me what you decided to do to build up your strength

  • Hello tellnhelen checking in to see how you are doing. I really think your idea to start in the pool is a good idea but perhaps just walking in the pool tll you build up some stamina is best. I also would get PT involved as many have a pool onsite.

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