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woman keeps me from hitting the fround

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I am again a member of the falling down club,was in my grocery store with my husband,we were leaving, he was in front of the buggy and of course I am hanging on to it and pushing it,my foot got caught on a carpet they had to wipe your feet,buggy was moving forward and I was not, I was trying to get hubby attention and a woman older than me (63) came up to me, saw what was happening and put her arm around my waist and lowered me to the floor,then hubby figured out what was going on,geezz.Very kind of her, then broke out in tears, don't know why, and thanked her over and over,didn't tell her I had ms she probably just thinks I am just old and clumsy.It doesn't matter......It is what it is

10 Replies
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Awww pamgarner 🤗 it doesn't matter what she thinks, what matters is that she cared enough to see and help you💕 crying is ok, as long as you got back up!☺️

jimeka is in charge of the bubble wrap suits, just tell her what color you want!😂



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The suits come in an array of colours, all I need is your size and Doubled51 will deliver it once he has recovered from his fall. You did well to not hurt yourself and you never know it could have been your guardian angel who helped you. They come in all shapes and sizes. Pleased you are ok, Blessings Jimeka 🎄

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God Bless that woman. 😊❤🌷

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What a blessing that woman recognized what was happening and was willing to step in, and it's another that you didn't fall and hurt yourself.

Could you get that woman's name and number? I need to call her to follow us around.

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I am tearing up over your story. Thank God that you're okay. :-D

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That was nice of the lady.

The other day I was going to get my bloodwork and I was trying to make my into the building but from some reason my leg didn’t want to move so I was just standing there. A woman who was leaving took the time to ask if I needed help. I told her yes asked if she could walk me to the elevator she actually walked me all the way to the office.

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pamgarner in reply to rjoneslaw

there are very kind and helpful people this would, I do call them angels, do we need more proof that angels exist?

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Angels among us

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How nice to hear this. In this time it seems so rare for strangers to stop and help. It's nice to be reminded there are still nice people out there!

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Love those random Angels! Glad she was there for you Pam! I had a similar experience just prior to my MS DX, was shopping and was tired and 1 leg just gave out and a 50ish Man came over and helped me up and stood with me until I gathered myself and got both legs back.

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