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Ah yes, tis the Season

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If MS has taught me one thing it is to not set expectations. OK, it's a hard lesson. I make plans within my limits as I know them at the time, but no expectations. When the event comes about then whatever happens is all good with me. 20 years into this MS life and those who love me and understand me are my small circle of real friends. They are the ones I spend my precious energy on. Hand in hand with this effort is to learn the difference between selfishness and (as they say on the air flight) put your oxygen mask on first. To all, have the happiest Holidays and New Year.

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I love this!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight. Blessings Jimeka 🎄

Well said

Great post!

Happy holidays and a New Year to you too

Well said! Happy Holidays and a Better New Year to All!

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