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Not sure how to go about this. I have had MS for 19 years I now use a walker 24/7 and was just diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. I also have labored breathing hard to get around. I am very thankful I have help. Plus my daughter will come up once I find out the treatment plan for the cancer. Also waiting on an answer to see if Ocrervus can still be taken if I am going to have Cemo.

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Get a lawyer. With the issues you have at hand I feel its pretty doubtful you'll be denied if everything is presented properly and you might not have to wait an eternity for your hearing if they read your reasons why you're filing for disability. Good luck.

Thank you, wanted to work as long as I could, but it takes so much out of me now, I can only imagine what it will do with Cemo.

Redlips44 I have been thinking how to reply. I am lost for words. There are a few people on this forum who have been dx with both ms and cancer, and if you talk to Kenu he has come a long way. He will maybe be able to answer your question, but the best person to speak to is your doctor or neurologist. Please keep us informed as to how you go on, and please know that you can vent on here at any time, hugs Jimeka 🤗

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Thank you so much

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The main thing is get your pcp, neurologist, oncologist and any other doctors on the same page. Get them to write you or fill out a disability form and then fill out SSDI paperwork and get it submitted. I did not need an attorney as it was well documented by doctors 👍. Took about two months for response with approval and then had to wait for the five month waiting period and it started 🙏👍. In the meantime I went on Obama Care for twenty five months till Medicare kicked in. Any questions send me a message and I will glad to help 👍🙏. Ken 🐾

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Thank you so much. I just don't have the energy or patience for the paper work or filling out forms

tell your daughter you need help. Maybe she can come home sooner to help. It was very hard for me to ask for help. It does get easier over time, but you need the help now, so ask for it.

I have help now, I want her to wait until I tell her my treatment plan Tuesday, it breaks my heart that she will be leaving her 10 year old son.

it is only temporary, and you need the help. It will be okay

well she is very addiment about coming down.

good for her, you raised her right. It is your turn to let her take care of you. Let go of the need to take care of her, at least for now.

It's just hard. I am all she has left, her Dad died when she was 15.

more reason to let her take care of you. She appreciates you and wants the time with you. It will be good for both of you. You will not be an undue burden to her.

As always, you've been given great advice here. I'm so sorry to learn about the diagnosis of cancer and that you have another hurdle to cross. I hope you do see a lawyer very soon to talk about disability.

Please keep us updated as to how you are doing with everything. I wish we could fix things, but we have soft shoulders.

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Sorry to hear about the diagnosis of cancer. Let me know if you need anything I'm just the next town over from you. Do you still have my number?

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I am sad to hear of your diagnosis of cancer. greaterexp has said it best, we are all here to provide you with any 'soft shoulder' support that you may need.

Keep Smiling and Be Strong,



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Yes, and because of you, I have started using a 'v' in front of the words hugs and smiles! Thank you! :-D

no! Thank You, I feel honored. vhugs too U

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what does it mean?

V or v in front means virtual

ok Thank you so V to all xoxoxoxoxo

fantastic, you my dear are awesome!

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vhugs and vsmiles to you REDLIPS44

Thank you for the kind words

So sorry about your cancer diagnosis 😔 💐

Thank you

sorry for the cancer dx. It is just your time to stop working and to enjoy as much of the life you have now.

it would be a lot better if I could ENJOY it. UGH

you will, it just takes time getting used to the "new" you. Friends have a hard time when I tell the that I am the happiest I've ever been, they say but you are disabled and have so many health issues! Well I have found that both feelings survive with each other. Yes, I wish I didn't have my health issues, but without them I wouldn't be as happy as I am. Go figure!

your correct. Thank you

Wishing you the best 🌈

Please let us know how you are doing when you have a chance. Have you been through chemo?


The US govt has known that the CBD in cannabis kills cancer cells for decades. At this time, most states allow Hemp derived CBD oil, because hemp naturally does NOT contain THC. If you live in a compassionate care state, CBD oil not derived from Hemp is maybe more effective. I personally have seen CBD oil work when my mother in law was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2014. Her Dr was in shock after the first scan, and said “keep doing what you are doing.” He knew that she was taking cannabis oil, and even though it was illegal in Arkansas, he was 100% supportive. The results have been validated over and over. Please consider this alternative treatment IN ADDITION to anything that your oncologist treats you with. It is NEVER meant to be a substitute for traditional medicine, and has even been shown to make chemo therapy more effective.

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Thank you so much

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